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Yoga today and with one word I did a pose that I didn’t think I could do.

Spent the rest of the day cycling around London… almost got backed into by a Ferrari and was told by a lovely man outside Selfridges that I have a lucky face. He also said that my heart thinks too much, when he said he was a fortune teller, I made my getaway – life would be boring if we knew what was around the corner.

Bought: suntan lotion –summer really is here, Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut, and a mad pink and black jacket, so Ferrari drivers can see me on the bike – think Grease Lightning.


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Anna makes the best gluten free choc cake in town-thanks for the party! Quote of the day, email from school: “open it, bin it”. We don’t really mean that do we?

Elisa was singing this evening and we had every intention of going, A’s in-laws even came round to babysit, but we didn’t make it….Elisa, next time.

The Wedding Date not good, but not as bad as the reviews said.

Freederm a new spot gel…

Sleep who needs it, after chocolate cake…. well I’m not going to get it.


london bus red – the colour of choice
exhibitions I’m really looking forward to – Rebecca Horn: Bodylandscapes (Haywood Gallery)
Frida Kahlo (Tate Modern)

What I need: a haircut – polite remarks are “gosh your hair is really long”

Highlight of the month: going to Tate Britain at midnight seeing all of Monet’s Houses of Parliament in a row and driving home along the embankment with Edith Piaf on the radio (Simon thanks for the CD). London can be so beautiful.