Month: June 2005

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Had an emotional day yesterday – we had a workshop at the Library with Helen Bamber, an amazing woman who started The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture. Then met my family by the river where we scattered my Dad’s ashes. We were going to go to the sea, but now I’m […]


Garbage last night at the Brixton Academy – started off three rows from the front…if only I could put the determination I did in getting to the front into life…. It was a friendly, but wild crowd. If it hadn’t been for the guy who stuck behind me, I would not have lasted…whoever you were…thank […]

The Bag

Sitting on the tube yesterday I looked up and there at face level was a Hermes Birkin bag staring at me…. I saw a documentary about Birkin very late one evening last week… it’s one of those classic stories she sat next to someone from Hermes on a plane and drew a sketch and hey […]


I have been cycling around London all week and am exhausted – I’ve gone from a couch potato to a fitness freak and it all caught up with me today. Just as well otherwise I would have been cycling home in the thunderstorm! Even with the pink jacket it would not have been much fun […]