Month: July 2005

Free bell

It’s been stressful using the tube this week –I’ve been struck by my need for reassuring smiles from fellow passengers and a sense that the calm could be broken at any moment. I can’t quite get my head around the fact that they were suicide bombers; I don’t want to think about them having set […]


Have been sitting in front of the TV like a zombie. What a terrible day. Makes me feel very passionate about this city…. [ cialis soft tablets | citrate salt of sildenafil | cheapest viagra online | viagra prescription for woman | viagra in canada | sildenafil citrate warnings | viagra pfizer online | cheap […]

Sporting mad

Hey we won – Olympics 2012 here we come! It’s always great to win something and I’m surprisingly excited… just not 100% convinced about the consequences… [ viagra prescription uk | cialis no rx | viagra 50 mg | viagra suppliers | discount canadian cialis | cialis endurance | viagra discount | viagra expiration date […]

Plastic – Why?

As you can see I’ve gone ‘Make Poverty History’ mad. I’ve even succumbed to the wristband, but why couldn’t they have made it in something more environmentally friendly than plastic? [ copycat viagra | buy real viagra without prescription | veega | cialis online without prescription | viagra aus usa | cialis for woman | […]

Persistence can pay off

I needed to leave my bike at Vauxhall today, but couldn’t find any bike stands. Asked a guy at the bus station, but he was new so didn’t know. Asked another one in the booth who gave me a story about being too close to MI5, bombs and the IRA… Asked a policeman who also […]

Strawberries and Cream

Last Monday – went to Wimbledon with a couple of friends. We were in a very civilized queue for an hour and a half. Once inside the atmosphere was as good as always. I managed to get handed a couple of No. 1 Court tickets within a few minutes of entering. One of the people […]