Month: August 2005

Sailing around

Am off to the Galapagos Islands until the 10th August…so no computers until I’m back…. [ zip viagra | online pharmacy cialis | purchase cialis cheap | purchase viagra online | viagra rx in canada | next day delivery of cialis | when did viagra come out | cheap viagra uk | buy generic viagra […]

Breezy Morning

Well no fox news here, kinda relieved, but also, the sign of a true addiction, am suffering withdrawal symtoms…. Haven´t made it out of the hotel yet, Ann got in really late after her flight was delayed – so she´s sleeping off the jet lag. It´s a warm sunny day here in Quito (warmer than […]


Have been keeping upto date with things in London via Fox News…it´s rather addictive…they are obsessed by it all….I think we might have a slightly warped idea of what has been going on. [ how much is viagra | cialis soft canada | cialis next day delivery | viagra for women in india | generic […]

Wedding Days

Well I´m finally sitting down to update the site, having just arrived in Quito. I had a mad two weeks of rushing around getting everything ready for my trip and missed saying goodbye to loads of people. The weddings went really well. There was a slight misunderstanding in London involving a box of confetti, a […]