Month: September 2005

Memories of New York

I’ve just discovered you can get cupcakes in London – the American version, not British fairy cakes – that means lots more icing. C this is your fault. Apparently, there are several bakeries, what a find! So who’s up for testing them out? Melrose and Morgan, a grocer on 42 Gloucester Avenue, NW1, The Hummingbird […]

Second Week Back

Lost in Ikea again… I think the Brent cross branch has more than the Croydon one – sad hey. So, I’ve built four Billy bookcases (Anna you were right about the white-thank you) – fastest time 20 minutes… Now for the first time in huh hum years I have all my books out, wonderful. Saw: […]

First Week Back

Suffering from bad jet lag hence still being up at this late hour… Making use of the sleeplessness though, have just won my first auction on EBay – as if I haven’t spent enough already… So I spent most of the week sleeping, reacquainting myself with Radio 4, trying to work out how to reorganise […]

Hey I’m home

Everything seems smaller… [ where to get viagra | cialis strenght mg | buy viagra 50 mg | viagra online shop | viagra how much | cheap viagra | cialis arterial fibrillation | zip viagra | original brand cialis | buy levitra online viagra | what is cialis | best price for generic cialis | […]

Island Life

Takes some getting used to… Upside: nobody locks their doors; car doors, front doors you name it. The bus driver knew my stop the second time I took the bus and it was a couple of days between journeys. Out door showers…wonderful. The other day I stepped out of the shower and their watching me […]

On the Island

Well, no I didn’t stay in the Galapagos, but have been rushing around from one place to another. Finally, I’m on Martha’s Vineyard and can catch up. I’ve had an amazing time. The Galapagos was wonderful – but don’t go there at this time of year…very choppy. I sunbathed next to an Iguana; saw Blue […]