Month: October 2005

Film Festival 2

Hal Hartley’s new film The Girl From Monday soooo disappointing except for the yellow wellies. Met Mekella in the loos afterwards though and tagged along with her to a very cool venue in west London for a Bookslam. Trendy people listening to novelists, poets, singer-songwriters and the like – very New York. If you’re interested […]

GTD the story so far

Well, I’ve got a very cool in-tray, a filing system going – I’ve labelled all the files with my new labelling machine, who would have thought using a labelling machine could be quite satisfying. You are supposed to do a two day collection thing where you write down everything you need to do full stop. […]

Film Festival 1

So far it’s been a good festival. I’ve only walked out of one film – something of a record. Recommendations: Elizabethtown – wonderful performances A Cock and Bull Story – biggest laughs so far Backstage – French take on celebrity obsession Zozo – Lebanon during the war Bluebird – bullying at school [ how much […]


Stands for Getting Things Done, which I’ve spent the weekend reading: am now researching labelling machines, folders and in-trays… life is so exciting… It’s ok the film festival is around the corner. [ buy viagra in canada | cialis and ketoconazole | real cialis | buy discount viagra | free viagra in the uk | […]

Urban 4 x 4’s

Check this site out: Alliance Against Urban 4×4’s you can even download spoof parking tickets. Anna this is especially for you!!! 🙂 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – waited ages to see it – so disappointing. Have been hormonally challenged all week… a nightmare, explains the purple toe. Last chance to see Frida Kahlo […]

Fare Rises

So Ken is putting up the fares again – unless you pay with your Oyster card. He’s giving us “freedom of choice” – what he has failed to mention is that if you travel into town by train there is no “freedom of choice” because the train companies are refusing to implement the Oyster card […]


Took John to the Natural History Museum – it’s a strange thing explaining to a three year old that what he’s looking at are old bones. [ vega viagra | vgx-viagra | how viagra works | how much cialis | canadian pharmacy viagra | cheap generic viagra | viagra prescription label | the truth about […]


A few of us went to The Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello – I recommend the vanilla cupcakes – wonderful! [ viagra india | us discount viagra overnight delivery | get viagra | viagra porn | how you get pfizer viagra | best prices on viagra | pfizer viagra cheap | buy prescription viagra | pc100 […]