Month: November 2005

Restful weekend…

I’ve had a lovely relaxed weekend; I missed yoga on Saturday – too tired due to the dog sleeping on my bed. I spent the afternoon with little Raffi another 3 year old – we played with imaginary trains made from stickle bricks – he was so engrossed. What I’d really like to do is […]

Bob Dylan

Bob was brilliant. I squeezed to the front. He spent the whole concert facing the wings and when he did grace us with a look it was like being honoured by the gods. It’s the first concert I’ve been to where no one was trying to sing along… I think because none of us were […]

Red and more red

Colour of the month I’m not really a waitress. Judy my arms are aching from yoga… Excited because I’m seeing Bob Dylan tomorrow. Took John on his second visit to the Natural History Museum on Saturday… explained Darwinism to him… I don’t think he’ll be a naturalist on hearing that Darwin collected bugs as a […]

Letters from the past

I started working on my grandfathers letters today after a long break. I have two more to do, although I’m not translating them, a very kind man at the library is and I’m writing it down as he translates. They are letters sent whilst he was interned in France during WWII. They are mostly concerned […]

Clicking needles

I’ve joined a knitting ring (check out the links) will bore you with some pictures later, just to make it a proper knitting site. This week I got back on my bike, first time for ages, lost my balance whilst I was trying to get off and have some lovely bruises, but feels good to […]

Poo it’s spam

Just received an email pertaining to be from the UK national lottery telling me that I had won £300,000 – I had a split second of thinking what if it were true. I did a search and needless to say it’s a new round of spam mail.. [ cialis 50 mg | generic cialis canadian […]

Lets make a run for it

Here is a picture of the deer that decided to chase Sandy the dog in the park. I don’t think she meant any harm – just seemed curious – but Sandy didn’t wait to find out, she was a lot bigger. [ cialis prescription | dirt cheap viagra | online viagra | viagra for women […]

Guy Fawkes

I was already to go out there knocking on doors again when it started raining… So instead I managed to trick myself into starting to do my tax return, it ended up consuming the rest of my afternoon, but I feel rather pleased with myself. Still have a fare bit to do, but at least […]

Cold and hungary

Well, it did turn out to be an adventure after all. I met lots of people who have been neighbours for years. I spent hours and came back rather cold. Expecting the worst I was pleasantly surprised to find most people were friendly. Just hoping after agreeing to do something, that they will. Simon went […]

Walk around

So the dog and I are about to embark on an adventure. We are going to try to rally the neighbours to help us with a planning issue we need to oppose – please wish us luck… [ can i take viagra | viagra prescription online | viagra overnight | best way to take cialis […]