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Shopped until I dropped

Almost finished my Xmas shopping – finger aches from holding too many bags.

Strange but true, getting into the holiday spirit, met two people who had both taken knifes to their fingers recently.

The shops all seemed to be short staffed, the worst one being Jessops…very boring.

There are various people I’m having trouble getting presents for – you know who you are! So if the finger’s not too bad, will venture out again tomorrow – usually Xmas Eve is a great day to go shopping, most people aren’t mad enough to leave their buying that late, everyone is excited about the next day – all in all very jolly. Also, I think I might have finally decided on a digital camera I like – at least I got excited in the shop.

Just started reading Scarlett Thomas’s PopCo.

Hey Mike thanks for the comment!

Springtime for Hitler

Saw The Producers last night, Simon, who is busy decorating the Christmas tree says fabulous. I say marvellous or Simon says that’s what I could say. It was great fun, a wonderful cast and production, kinda magical, very funny, only we both say it went on a bit too long. It wasn’t full, so we managed to move from the back to the middle of the stalls and spread ourselves out over one row… my mum and T were there to – it was a present from David – thank you.

Talking about fascism have just finished The Plot Against America– the best book I’ve read in a while – read it now.


Interesting Tuesday evening, ended up using our biggest and sharpest knife to try and cut a piece of cheese, missed the cheese and went straight for my finger. Made my mum take me to A & E…her not being very pleased at having to give up watching Holby City for the real thing. Very luckily I’d cut it in such a way that I couldn’t have stitches, so the Sister on duty kindly sorted me out and saved me from the two-hour plus waiting time. I can only say that it was very horrible, involved lots of blood, and the worst thing being the thought of how deep it is….yuk! I sure ain’t no doctor…

Do you have any idea what you are buying?

I watched The Corporation on More4 – try and catch it when it’s on again. It’s not an easy watch, but worth staying with it, some of the information is both thought provoking and shocking and when ignorance is really no excuse, surely every bit of information on this issue, that takes us out of our comfort zone, ought to be given the time of day.

For more information check out the website:

Ill actually

Have been stuck at home in bed – and the weekend before Christmas… poo… spent yesterday writing cards and watching DVD’s. Finally saw Love Actually, which was ok and the right time of year to watch it, not sooo slushy. Have been buying xmas presents online, which doesn’t seem quite right, far too easy and none of that Christmas good will you get walking around the shops at this time of year.

Lovely lunch

Had a lovely day with a kids free Anna. As we are both freelancers, we had our xmas lunch together – great idea. Had a lovely Thai in Wimbledon village. They have a new Ottakar’s bookshop, so I bought John his first Dr. Seuss book…will be fun to read it to him.

Tonight, see if you can see the moon, it’s going to look very big and very bright as it will be at its heighest point and it’s not going to happen again until 2023.

Orange teeth and cake

As predicted, I failed to resist the gluten and have managed to get down a fair amount of cake – mostly my own. The lunch at the library was very pleasant and the vanillekipferl disappeared very quickly.

Writing about the braces yesterday spurred me on and I finally managed to book an appointment – at the moment it’s for early February, but there’s a chance of a cancellation before. Now I need to go to the dentist…

Flightplan – better than expected – and I love Orange wednesdays…what a wonderful idea.

Braces huh?

For the last, I don’t know how long, I’ve been umming and arring about getting braces on my teeth. It’s a really horrible prospect, but my top teeth are bashing away at my bottom teeth – I’ve managed to chip them twice already. I’ve just realized though, that as this is the absolute worst time of year, if you aren’t supposed to eat gluten, I should have bitten the bullet and got them for Christmas, so I couldn’t eat anything, even if I am tempted – which judging from yesterday and I’m sure later today I am.

Party party party

Ok, so talk about ignorance…. who knew the Narnia books were about Christianity (trust my school) – which I’ve been reading in the papers all weekend. Well, whatever it was about the second half was boring… and we weren’t smiling at the end because we thought it was sweet, but because we thought it was silly – which was a shame.

John’s party was lovely, only I missed the magician – and John told me off – and I had to apologize to him, I really didn’t think he would notice. I tried to explain to him that by coming late I could stay late, which I did, but that argument apparently doesn’t hold weight with four year olds, which I guess is fair enough. He did give me the most lovely smile when he saw me.

I’ve spent the evening making vanillekipferl and Mrs Fuch’s cake with my mother (we were going to do a Marble Kuchen but decided that it was too complicated and too late) – I haven’t done any baking for a long time, and it was fun. The Library has it’s Xmas lunch tomorrow, so what I’ve managed not to eat, I’ll try and remember to take with me 🙂 … help all that gluten…Anna thanks for all the biscuits and bread on Saturday…get out the tape measure, my tummy has grown.

For the knitters out there

I’ve changed from English style knitting to Continental style – going back to my roots… Camilla taught me in the summer, but I could only get my head around stitching and not purling, so I’ve now managed to learn both thanks to the wonderful Stitch and Bitch Handbook (see the sidebar link). I’ve changed because C and M were knitting about four times as fast as me and it does seem easier and quicker once you get the hang of it. Although at the moment I’m still having trouble holding the yarn…any advice?

John’s birthday tomorrow – I’m looking forward to the gluten free goodies that Anna has promised and seeing The Chronicles of Narnia in the evening… I still remember lying on my blanket in the hall at primary school listening to this woman who would come in and read us the Narnia series.

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