Month: January 2006

What is the agenda?

Limitations to freedom of speech. Extended detention without charge. The proposal for identity cards. Trial without jury. The curtailment to demonstrate within central London. The misuse of the Terrorism Act. Liberty [ who should not take viagra | lowest price viagra | viagra sales canada | how strong is 5 mg of cialis | online […]

Text machine

Originally uploaded by Frizzworld. And we all thought texting was a new thing. [ viagra tablet | generic cialis next day delivery | women viagra | can viagra be used by women | order viagra no prescription | cialis fast delivery usa | viagra order canada | viagra alternative | viagra non prescription | 50 […]

Middle East

What to think about Hamas and those elections? Stuart Hughes (producer for BBC News) is doing a podcast to go along with his blog from the region. [found on bowblog] [ cialis quick shipment | cheap viagra online | where can i buy viagra | buy prescription viagra | buy and purchase viagra online | […]


I’ve got a gmail account courtesy of a stranger I had the cheek to ask at work today. Thank you S, very nice to meet you. Lovely evening yesterday for M’s birthday…second day of great conversation and CBB catch up. Just missed seeing B though, which was a shame. [ order viagra | online […]


So ideas were in short supply and the scarf was unpicked, but the conversation was not and was very stimulating, and N I’m sure some B**ing did take place, but naturally only in the most friendly way. And yes Celebrity did come up. I’ve learnt that if someone sends you an angry email you should […]


Now stands for Before Celebrity – taken from Ali Smith, whose book The Accidental I’ve just started reading. T will be pleased, she gave it to me as a present some time ago and has been patiently waiting to borrow it back ever since. Missed yoga… not good, I am becoming a lost cause there. […]


The great British public has voted Chantelle (a non-celebrity) the winner of Celebrity Big Brother. What does this mean – a kick up the teeth to the idea of celebrity? Are we saying that now we are all celebrities or we think we are, or deserve to be? Or a ‘we are just fed up’ […]

Tiles 1

Originally uploaded by Frizzworld. I’m becoming more observant – here are some tube platform tiles I noticed yesterday. Aliens using the escalators? [ canada online pharmacy viagra | cialis online without prescription | cialis philippines | us cialis | buying generic cialis mexico rx | purchasing cialis | buy cialis online canada | where to […]


Go on do the Red thing… [ viagra seizures | cheapest prices on viagra | cialis kanada | viagra discussions | active ingredient in viagra | herbal viagra affiliate | 100mg viagra | next day viagra delivery | pharmacie canadian viagra | viagra online cod | viagra alternative | free herbal viagra samples | viagra […]

Soft focus

I am watching the strangest film on Five (well it’s on in the background)… Ladies Room (1999) a strange mixture of women in purgatory (a white room), with flashbacks. The cast includes Lorraine Bracco the shrink from the Sopranos, John Malkovich, Greta Scacchi and Molly Parker. Strange ethereal music and soft focus, very 1980’s time […]