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Jewish Book Week

In case you don’t know Jewish Book Week is happening all this week… there are some interesting talks and events… I had a great day working there on Sunday… I’ll write more at the end of the week…

You are feeling sleepy

I’ve started doing an Autogenic Training course, a kind of self-hypnosis, so if you see me and I’m Zen like, you’ll know why. Maybe it had something to do with the patterned tights? I don’t think I’ve worn patterned tights since I was a kid. N thank you, it was a lovely party, I hope you enjoyed it too – no pressure or anything, but when’s the next one? I think we want to shake the neighbours a bit more…

News of Ken has reached Israel, very funny email on the subject from a cousin, I guess a small distraction.

I really want to see Capote.

B is for Blog

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I just had a mad rush into Kingston, I got to John Lewis with 9 minutes to spare… there’s nothing like the pressure of time to make decisions… I bought some strange patterned tights to wear at a party this evening – I think I’m going for the slightly cool, but more likely wacky look.

We had an interesting post Yoga discussion about old Ken, I think we all agreed that he shouldn’t have been suspended, but there was a majority that thought he had gone too far and should have apologized. There was one dissenting voice that thought there was a subtext going on between Ken and Finegold.

Also, praise for George Clooney and Good Night, and Good Luck, I missed his interview on Late Review, shame the BBC doesn’t do downloads for short pieces like that.

Oxford Street

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A blurred Oxford Street with Chinese Lanterns – an early celebration for the 2008 Olympics – I’m not sure, do you think they are going to be up for the next two years?

Answers on a Postcard

Web 2.0… because I keep coming across it and didn’t know what it meant.

Jews Kick Ass

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S sent this in an email…


I finally saw Hidden after about three aborted attempts. Not at all what I was expecting and now I need to read the reviews to explain it’s twists and turns – I understand the gist of it, but I’m confused by some of it, especially the last scene – won’t say anything – except that it’s definitely worth seeing.

Had a breakthrough with the braces – my first Indian meal, I even managed the Poppadums, and because of the type of braces – no elastics – I don’t have to worry about staining… My gums are a bit cut up again though – from being lazy and not using the wax… new mantra, must remember the wax.

Next weeks dispatches sounds interesting: Stealing Your Freedom (Monday 27 Feb @ 8pm).

Selling out: test

I’ve signed up to Google Ads, an exercise in displacement. I’d like to change to a paid host, so I thought I’d give the ads a go and see if they will fund the cost. If you are feeling bored/generous, please have a click. Thank you…

Frizz free

and very cold – not that one has anything to do with the other…. apparently it’s going to get even colder… as long as it doesn’t rain…

Film fest

Yes, I watched the BAFTAs – wasn’t it a matinee idol fest for Stephen Fry. Good speech by Puttnam. Great that Brokeback Mountain won, although I haven’t seen it yet, so I hope it’s great, I do think Ang Lee is a wonderful director, I seem to be one of the few people who loved The Ice Storm.

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