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Day 5

Well I’m posting from the Apple store just because it’s seems high time. I’m done with my week of meetings, we had a relaxed goodbye lunch, we’ve packed so much in, it seems like it’s been about three weeks, in a good holidayish kinda way.

I’ve just had my bottom braces put on and I had to have these stoppers [bite turbos] cemented to the back of my upper front teeth so I can’t bite down on the lower braces, but it also means I can’t bite down at all, I have no idea how I’m supposed to chew – I guess I’m not and I really do have a lisp… so I’m walking around lisping in a sing song Americanish tone, having picked up a little of my colleague’s accent.

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Day 4

A fairly short talk and then a lovely lunch looking over the old reading room at the British Museum. A quick stop for presents, then collapsing at the café on the fifth floor of Waterstones, the one with the view. I ordered a hot chocolate – and sent it back twice, then fell asleep on the sofa doing my AT exercise. We got, our like, fourth wind and went along to Book slam, which was good fun – some reading, rapping and singing.

Day 3

Out the door early… back late. Sorry Anna for not calling…beat.

We met, we talked, and we met some more and talked some more. Lunch and more talking. Then we met and talked some more and some more… that’s four meetings plus lunch. I have raw gums (pass the salt solution) and two blisters and I’m telling you those very expensive gel plasters are no use at all. All in all a very good day, apart from the pain.

Day 2

Travel, meeting, travel home, travel dinner – thanks everyone for coming – it was lovely to see you all… lets make it more often! Thanks A for letting me stay, it made a big difference not to have to leave early to get back to the suburbs…

Day 1

Meeting, talking, eating, shopping… remember to breath… and I wore the top and it is too tight, especially after the tasty Indian and the chocolate cake at the weekend.

Ads, oh so many

“The scheduling of our adverts complies fully with regulations laid down by OFCOM, and this is closely monitored by our compliance team here at Channel 4.” 20 Oct 2005 Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries

This was the reply I received from Channel 4 after complaining about the placement of their ads going the American way… more ads than programme. Now it appears that the “compliance team” have been ‘out for coffee’ a lot.

Puffed sleeves

Next week a colleague is coming over from across the pond and we have a week of meetings planned, a welcome break from lurking in archives. I’ve spent the last few days mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of being ‘sociable’, which also means looking a bit smarter than I need to most days. I looked at my once favourite smart trousers and realised that they were bobbled, hairy (Sandy’s, not mine), and baggy in places I hadn’t noticed before. So on my way home yesterday I took the bus down to Oxford Circus for a reluctant quickish stop at Topshop, with an unspent voucher from T in hand.

I headed off to the petite section, (being growth hormone challenged from a young age), which makes life so much easier, instead of doing my head in looking around the whole shop, (it’s far too big), I just have a small area to peruse. Quite often it takes five minutes to realize there is nothing of interest, but once in a while I come across a gem and this was one of those days, there hanging up were pairs of smart black trousers, perfect. Even better there was a petite version of a white shirt I had eyed longingly in the standard size a few weeks back, even tried on, but had reluctantly decided that it was just too big. So I joined the queue for the changing rooms and guess what, once on, I looked like I was auditioning for the part of a waitress in a bad movie, as an aside, I realized the two really didn’t work together.

The trousers fitted well, but the top on the other hand I couldn’t decide about, the sleeves were a little extreme; short and puffed and it was still a bit big, also it was obvious that it had been tried on one too many times, having lost any remnant of starchiness it once had. I checked for a smaller size and trudged back to changing rooms. It was a little tight over my slack belly, but by then I was too tired to make a sensible decision, so I decided, choosing to ignore the voice in my head saying no, to go for the smaller size (anyone for sit-ups?) on the basis that it was in better condition than the bigger size, huh? What do you bet I’m back before the end of the week… any idea what’s the best time to head for the returns counter? At the moment I can’t face looking in the bag, I’m just hoping I was right about the trousers at least, moral of the story is I shouldn’t even attempt to go shopping when I’m tired.

Being connected

London is awash with wifi and I didn’t realize…


I was the ‘body’ for A’s exam yesterday, which wasn’t quite as blissful. In fact it was rather stressful with the examiner walking around looking very serious and everyone nervous. It’s always strange to be the outsider in a group of people who’ve been through something together, interesting to watch for a while, but then I had to get out of there. Congratulations A.

Not in this world

Am being the ‘body’ for a friend doing a massage course, bliss… Whilst earlier in the day I got caught by a stranger licking out the last bit of foam from my hot chocolate…

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