Month: April 2006

4 x 4 (urban SUV)

So a friend still wants to buy a 4 x 4 and I understand the appeal – drive around in a big tank and feel safe, but lets face it, the love affair with 4 x 4’s has to be over. Welcome the hybrid. Thandie Newton’s made the change. Check out Greenpeace’s site. Send a […]

New home

Originally uploaded by Frizzworld. The mouse’s new home. The first place I was going to let it go turned out to be home to a snake, the first snake I think I’ve ever seen in the park. When I let the mouse go here, it ran straight into the tree. [ get cialis online | […]


Originally uploaded by Frizzworld. Well the trap worked – one scared and wet (it ended up in the sink?) mouse. That’s cheese in the box. [ getting cialis from canada | viagra generic | order viagra online | cialis canadian cost | buy cialis canada | cialis compare levitra viagra | viagra vs cialis | […]

Pet world

I tried to take a photo of the mouse, but it’s a speedy thing. I’ve put out two mouse friendly traps – does that count as an oxymoron – they seem rather on the small side to me. It’s been a pet day – I tried to give Sandy dog a bath – she saw […]

Little feet

We have mice in the house! Sandy is very intrigued. [ cheap viagra | viagra prescription for woman | viagra propranolol | cheap viagra online | herbal viagra | add buy online url viagra | legally purchase viagra | viagra non prescription drug | buy levitra online viagra | cheap pill viagra | find viagra […]

Little friends

laughing, crying, cake, sausage and chips, choc faces, presents to unwrap and cards to open, friends to play with, banged heads, laughing heads and tired heads – happy 2nd birthday little Sarah. [ free sample pack of viagra | pharmaceuticals female viagra | drink alcohol with viagra | viagra 6 free samples | cialis once […]

Fast food

I missed getting the Guardian on Saturday, but a friend was telling me there was a free copy of Fast Food Nation and also a couple of large adds by McDonald’s – talk about mixed messages. The golden arches have just announced a super big mac to celebrate the World Cup just to add to […]

Marie Antoinette

Originally uploaded by Frizzworld. Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette gets a screening at Cannes… for more pics and a preview go here. [ cyalis levitra sales viagra | discount viagra | viagra message board | female ingestion of viagra | how to get viagra | cialis alternatives no prescription | viagra suppliers in the uk […]

The Globe

Wenyi Wang goes for it and the White House gets confused over names; China/Taiwan – they should have watched The West Wing. Nepal’s King backs down. Talks to open the International Tracing Service archive. The Queen and Hugh Hefner turn 80. [ cialis for less 20 mg | brand viagra over the net | viagra […]

Travelling in style

Originally uploaded by Frizzworld. A rare example of a new train – plus I really like the colours – very cheerful. [ viagra clone | what is cialis professional | viagra recipe | buy viagra germany canadian meds | women does viagra work | does generic cialis work | viagra tablets sale | statistics on […]