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4 x 4 (urban SUV)

So a friend still wants to buy a 4 x 4 and I understand the appeal – drive around in a big tank and feel safe, but lets face it, the love affair with 4 x 4’s has to be over. Welcome the hybrid. Thandie Newton’s made the change. Check out Greenpeace’s site. Send a friend an ecard. Send a letter to Ford. Check out what your car’s emissions really are. How about a G-Wiz. Lastly, how long do we have to wait until there is a reasonably priced non-business hybrid – come on guys – we want this now!

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New home

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The mouse’s new home. The first place I was going to let it go turned out to be home to a snake, the first snake I think I’ve ever seen in the park. When I let the mouse go here, it ran straight into the tree.


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Well the trap worked – one scared and wet (it ended up in the sink?) mouse. That’s cheese in the box.

Pet world

I tried to take a photo of the mouse, but it’s a speedy thing. I’ve put out two mouse friendly traps – does that count as an oxymoron – they seem rather on the small side to me. It’s been a pet day – I tried to give Sandy dog a bath – she saw me take the towels out and was off in the other direction straight down the stairs as fast as the mouse and I couldn’t get her back up again. And yes we did end up at Pet World for the traps, a bone, some food and a quick hello to the rabbits.

Little feet

We have mice in the house! Sandy is very intrigued.

Little friends

laughing, crying, cake, sausage and chips, choc faces, presents to unwrap and cards to open, friends to play with, banged heads, laughing heads and tired heads – happy 2nd birthday little Sarah.

Fast food

I missed getting the Guardian on Saturday, but a friend was telling me there was a free copy of Fast Food Nation and also a couple of large adds by McDonald’s – talk about mixed messages. The golden arches have just announced a super big mac to celebrate the World Cup just to add to the irony.

Marie Antoinette

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Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette gets a screening at Cannes… for more pics and a preview go here.

The Globe

Wenyi Wang goes for it and the White House gets confused over names; China/Taiwan – they should have watched The West Wing. Nepal’s King backs down. Talks to open the International Tracing Service archive. The Queen and Hugh Hefner turn 80.

Travelling in style

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A rare example of a new train – plus I really like the colours – very cheerful.

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