Month: May 2006


The camera arrived today – the batteries are charging… Spent the morning spending money at a nursery… the plant selling type… I bought a Cherry Blossom tree… I’m now addicted to series one of The West Wing. I missed seeing little John over the weekend, because he’s been exposed to the dreaded Chickenpox – I’ve […]

Clouds above

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G-Wiz goes pink

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Jumping up and down

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My teeth hurt

Any connection with my teeth hurts. Imagine a wire wrapped around a tooth and someone pulling it, then multiply the feeling – gush, I hear you saying, that sounds rather like a form of torture, not something you’d pay for… Well as consolation and to take my mind off it, I’ve placed the order for […]


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Gappy future

I had my Ortho appointment today, I’d been looking forward to it in an odd sort of I want to get this thing moving way. He changed both wires. I now have much thicker square wires, apparently square wires can’t slip. They are supposed to open my mouth out and I can expect to get […]


Frizz is a year and one day old. I’ve enjoyed the blogging thing. It’s now the longest diary of any sort I’ve kept. It’s been a great place to rant, remember and document. It’s been interesting to see what grabs attention, braces being by far the most popular recently. It’s made me think about some […]

Thank U

A big thank you to those who came out yesterday. It was a shame about the sky, too cloudy to see Jupiter – another time perhaps, but it was lovely company, just what was needed. [ canadian healthcare viagra sales | uses of viagra | buying viagra online | brand cialis for sale | ordering […]


Tuesday, Sandy to the vet with constipation and a couple of what thankfully turned out to be only fatty cysts. The poor thing hated being there, except there is a weighing machine, which she obediently stepped onto and stayed for enough time to get a reading. It was like she knew what to do and […]