Month: June 2006

A new sexual manifesto

Talking about raunch culture – Paris Hilton and her ilk… Ariel Levy joined by Lynne Segal, Sam Roddick, Alok Jha and Zoe Williams. Passionate, spirited, funny, inspiring and depressing. We had a funny moment afterwards when we discovered the men’s toilets were locked, I guess City University don’t think men go to feminist debates, or […]

Fairy cakes

Sunday I had a lovely afternoon at little R’s 4th birthday party (can you believe it). He spent the day happily playing, bouncing, chatting and running with lots of small friends. I got a little bit of quiet time in the garden with him after everyone had gone, which was lovely. During bath time we […]

In the money

Literally a ‘Cash Cow’ happily crazing on a London balcony. [ pharmaceuticals female viagra | herbal viagra reviews | how to make your own viagra | cialisis in canada | buying viagra online cheap us | ordering viagra | viagra cost | viagra alternative | overnight delivery cialis | brand name cialis overnight | viagra […]

Bermuda Triangle

I’m having such a nightmare with my email. I was using Eudora and all was fine until last Thursday when out of the blue I couldn’t get my emails. I kept looking at the preferences trying to see what was up, but it all looked OK and I could still send emails. I wrote to […]

The visit

We just had our visit from the planning inspectorate for the appeal for next door. It was all very matter of fact; the inspector was not allowed to talk to us other than us pointing out factual things. It was four guys and me, when the inspector talked about the procedure for coming onto our […]

Brownfield sites

Politics here: At the moment there is a loophole in the government’s policy that allows gardens to be classed as brownfield sites, thus making it easier for developers to build on them. The developer who bought our neighbors property is trying to use this loophole to get his plans through, so unfortunately I have first […]

Email trouble

I’m not able to download my emails at the mo – not sure why. It’s very annoying, but that’s why you haven’t heard back from me yet. Judy, yes love the camera, glad you do to – looking forward to seeing your pics on Flickr. [ buy low price viagra | viagra from india | […]

An eBay thing

Hi N – Big R’s eBay name is rosetree-1 – I’ve only managed to put one thing up so far, but I have a growing pile to add. The stuff, sorry antiques, are going to vary, but there is an amazing vase I’m going to put on soon, I’m just having trouble taking a good […]

Good food

Saturday was lovely; I ventured north of the river for the first time in a while and met up with the folks from yoga in the park. Then went to a meeting and met J who I’d been talking on the phone to for a while and turned out to be exactly as I’d imagined […]

Female Chauvinist Pigs

I just booked for this – it could be good… Guardian Debate – A New Sexual Manifesto with Ariel Levy, Sam Roddick, Lyn Segal, Alok Jha, Zoe WIlliams, Madeline Bunting – Monday, June 26 7:00 PM. [ legally purchase viagra | herbal viagra affiliate | viagra contraindications | cialis order | cheapest viagra | viagra […]