Month: August 2006


Last week I had news from a friend that his father had died and then this week that M and P had a little boy. [ how to get cialis in canada | herbal risk viagra | buy real viagra without prescription | viagra history | uk pharmacies cheap viagra | viagra wholesale | viagra […]

Big brother

Have you checked your bin to see if it’s been microchipped? I’m not sure how I feel about this – I guess it’s a question of where else they can put microchips and not tell us. I am also aware that we don’t have a compost and really should have one. So I’d be happier […]

The future

Have you got into YouTube yet? [ effects alcohol viagra | is pfizer viagra available in india | recreational viagra | adviser finance order viagra | get cialis online | soft cialis | buy viagra 50 mg | cialis samples | cialis professional 100 mg | cialis kanada | generic cialis canadian | viagra purchase […]

Burning up

Apple have a new battery recall out. [ female viagra uk | mexico viagra | viagra next day delivery | viagra sales in canada | is viagra dangerous | viagra good morning | cialis and levitra | cialis price | viagra mail order uk | cialis daily canada | viagra directions | low price cialis […]

Impulse buy

I bought a Madonna ‘designed’ tracksuit and I’ve got no idea why. I think I might need help. [ All’s OK, it’s going back]. [ purchase viagra | derph generic tablet viagra | when was viagra released | cialis at real low prices | discount brand name cialis | generic cialis | generic viagra safe […]

Piece by piece

I had my Saturday yesterday: I raced over to the Apple store to pick up my computer. They were rather on the disorganized side, which doesn’t really work with Apple, I really think the brand image doesn’t do them any favours; they have so much to live up to. They took an age bringing out […]

Singing along

Continuing on the musicals theme here is a history of the various productions of The Sound of Music and in the course of looking things up I found this, which I think is great… Maria was Jewish – which makes so much sense. [Actually, I’ve just realised the original post is here]. [ cheap viagra […]


A new Eye for Brighton – looks good. [ names of herbal viagra | viagra generic | purchase sildenafil citrate | over the counter viagra | buy viagra now online | generic cialis sale | how long does viagra last | get viagra avoid prescription | buy cialis doctor online | pal pay pill viagra […]


So being without my computer means: not being able to login to any sites I usually use as my brain is mush and I can’t remember the usernames and passwords (believe me I’ve tried). I can’t download my emails to my phone, because by now there are too many. I can’t carry on with work, […]

Sing along

I mentioned last night that I’m going to see Sunday in the Park with George, which led to being asked if I liked musicals. I started to say no not really, except for and reeled off a number of titles that was not inconsiderable. I mean I really want to go and see Mary Poppins […]