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Last week I had news from a friend that his father had died and then this week that M and P had a little boy.

Big brother

Have you checked your bin to see if it’s been microchipped? I’m not sure how I feel about this – I guess it’s a question of where else they can put microchips and not tell us. I am also aware that we don’t have a compost and really should have one. So I’d be happier for the council to give us whatever we need for composting and encourage that, which would reduce our waste considerably, rather than trying to spy on us.

The future

Have you got into YouTube yet?

Burning up

Apple have a new battery recall out.

Impulse buy

I bought a Madonna ‘designed’ tracksuit and I’ve got no idea why. I think I might need help. [ All’s OK, it’s going back].

Piece by piece

I had my Saturday yesterday: I raced over to the Apple store to pick up my computer. They were rather on the disorganized side, which doesn’t really work with Apple, I really think the brand image doesn’t do them any favours; they have so much to live up to. They took an age bringing out my computer from the back, there seemed some confusion and of course I was in a rush and I started thinking that I’d gone all the way to Brent Cross, which for a South Londoner is aways, for nothing, but just as I was starting to panic, out it came. The guy had promised to do a service and clean it up, only as soon as I saw it, I knew they hadn’t done the clean up and they couldn’t tell me what data had been restored and I didn’t have time to start turning it on and checking… I’d just wanted to grab and run. A sweet guy called Mat swiftly lifted the computer away from me to do a quick clean, which made up for things a little. All this made me very late for my next appointment which was to see the most expensive hygienist I’ve ever been too. I got an A*^ for all my flossing and as I was the last appointment we had a nice chat about children, pets and bikes, although I’m not sure that makes up for the ridiculous cost. Then it was off to the theatre, if you haven’t yet seen Sunday in the Park with George – I highly recommend it, it was just wonderful and the most ingenious use of technology I’ve seen in the theatre. Poor S had to put up with me trying to sing all the way home, I really can’t sing, he’ll be more than happy to confirm that… “Piece by piece, putting it together.” Oh yes and I had my hair cut, see what I mean about a Saturday. I guess that means I’m working Saturday.

^ Can someone tell me why we need A*’s surely either you have an A or if you don’t it’s a B.

Singing along

Continuing on the musicals theme here is a history of the various productions of The Sound of Music and in the course of looking things up I found this, which I think is great… Maria was Jewish – which makes so much sense. [Actually, I’ve just realised the original post is here].


A new Eye for Brighton – looks good.


So being without my computer means: not being able to login to any sites I usually use as my brain is mush and I can’t remember the usernames and passwords (believe me I’ve tried). I can’t download my emails to my phone, because by now there are too many. I can’t carry on with work, as if I needed any more excuses. I don’t have anyone’s address, which is actually a blessing; I can avoid the whole stamp thing going on. What is that about? I think it goes with a choice of directory inquiries, 30 odd different train ticket prices and choice under the NHS, when you are sick you want the experts to be able to make ‘good’ choices for you and when you want to send something in the post you don’t want to have to get out the tape measure. What this has taught me is that I should get an external hard drive and back up, often. I should upload more photos to and I should print out all my login info and work stuff. In the mean time perhaps I should give in and take a holiday…

Sing along

I mentioned last night that I’m going to see Sunday in the Park with George, which led to being asked if I liked musicals. I started to say no not really, except for and reeled off a number of titles that was not inconsiderable. I mean I really want to go and see Mary Poppins and I saw and loved My Fair Lady, and then there’s the Sound of Music and well the list goes on. So I realised that I have to come clean and admit it, I like a good musical.

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