Month: September 2006


Pakistan brought down the Berlin wall and ended the Cold War*… huh? *I’m sure I heard this on the radio, but I can’t seem to find a link to it. [ buy cheap viagra | lowest pill price viagra | cialis samples | h h order script sec viagra | viagra online mexico | buy […]


I’m thinking about being a traitor to the pro-Jewish hair lobby and buying a straightening iron. [ buy cialis fedex shipping | viagra in mexico | viagra stamina | cialis at real low prices | buy cialis online uk | cialis by mail | indian cialis | viagra 50 mg tablets | buy viagra now […]


OK the strap on my fairly new bag broke. I went to the shop thinking well I’ll trade it in for another one, because it’s just over three months old and I’m a little bored of it, I argued my case and then when the time came to hand it over I just couldn’t do […]

Secret spaces

London never fails to surprise, there are so many different parallel universes that I can step in and out of… yesterday I was taken to this little space which exists in the most unlikely of places. A lovely evening with C and K. [ viagra women | bio viagra herbal | viagra propranolol | purchasing […]

Jews & German cars

Sarah Silverman strutting her stuff – it’s not PC. [ cialis sales | cialis for women | viagra affects on women | viagra cialis | when was viagra discovered | viagra online pharmacy | viagra 50 mg tablets | buying viagra in canada | cheap less viagra | brand cialis for sale | overseas viagra […]

Noise about nothing?

Since I’ve had the new hard disk, my computer has become, relatively speaking, extremely noisy or is it the hard disk that’s noisy? Can I complain about this? It was always so quiet before. On the subject of computers, did you see this about toxic laptops, not something I usually think about, but potentially quite […]

Hol Born?

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Little gems

John on being told that he couldn’t go into the library, because he’s got tonsillitis and A told him it wouldn’t be fair to spread his germs: “Mummy I won’t kiss anyone at the library”. [ canadian pharmacy cialis pfizer | cialis overnight delivery | herbal alternatives to viagra | cialis by mail | canadian […]

Two experiences / Take two

It’s late Saturday evening and I’m on the train again. In the seats across the aisle from me are a Middle Eastern family; mother, father, beautiful young daughter and grandmother. Facing me, are a couple of guys. Over on the seats diagonally across from me are four white thirty something’s. From this party I can […]

Happy New Year

new year card 06 Originally uploaded by Frizzworld. Great card I was sent from Israel. [ cialis soft tabs discount sale | viagra fast | when did viagra come out | viagra in ireland | viagra pfizer canada | herbal viagra | zip viagra | what is cialis | cheapest online viagra | viagra expiration […]