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Pakistan brought down the Berlin wall and ended the Cold War*… huh?

*I’m sure I heard this on the radio, but I can’t seem to find a link to it.


I’m thinking about being a traitor to the pro-Jewish hair lobby and buying a straightening iron.


OK the strap on my fairly new bag broke. I went to the shop thinking well I’ll trade it in for another one, because it’s just over three months old and I’m a little bored of it, I argued my case and then when the time came to hand it over I just couldn’t do it, so it’s being mended. At least I’m not fickle.

Secret spaces

London never fails to surprise, there are so many different parallel universes that I can step in and out of… yesterday I was taken to this little space which exists in the most unlikely of places. A lovely evening with C and K.

Jews & German cars

Sarah Silverman strutting her stuff – it’s not PC.

Noise about nothing?

Since I’ve had the new hard disk, my computer has become, relatively speaking, extremely noisy or is it the hard disk that’s noisy? Can I complain about this? It was always so quiet before.

On the subject of computers, did you see this about toxic laptops, not something I usually think about, but potentially quite scary considering the time we spend in front of them. Although maybe they’re not as bad as all that.

Hol Born?

Little gems

John on being told that he couldn’t go into the library, because he’s got tonsillitis and A told him it wouldn’t be fair to spread his germs:

“Mummy I won’t kiss anyone at the library”.

Two experiences / Take two

It’s late Saturday evening and I’m on the train again. In the seats across the aisle from me are a Middle Eastern family; mother, father, beautiful young daughter and grandmother. Facing me, are a couple of guys. Over on the seats diagonally across from me are four white thirty something’s. From this party I can see and hear one woman clearly and she’s talking about work, then she lowers her voice and says “they’re Jewish, they all got off early, they make such a fuss” then she lowers her voice even more and says “I really don’t like Jewish people” she continues on in this vein, about how much she has to work and dismisses her friends suggestion that her Jewish colleagues will work over Christmas… I really can’t believe what I’m hearing – I stare at her… she has a clear view of me, but she manages to avoid eye contact. My mind whizzes with what I could or should do. Then the young girl sitting across from me wraps a scarf around her head like a turban (she’s about 12) and the family are all laughing and I look over and laugh with them and they make eye contact and we all laugh together.

Happy New Year

new year card 06
Originally uploaded by Frizzworld.

Great card I was sent from Israel.

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