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Warranty running out

Have an appointment at the Mac store first thing tomorrow – getting annoyed with the crackling noise my ‘new’ hard drive is making and also cos since I got it back there seems to be a problem connecting to the internet; no QuickTime, iTunes, Messenger or Ecto… My extended warranty runs out any day now, so want to get it sorted before. Computers love them and hate them. No, of course love them really.

Too much

I saw two really good films today Catch a Fire and Day Night Day Night. But really I’m all filmed out. Please let it end soon.

Bending wires

A Festival free post. A belated update on the braces and my last Ortho appointment. So I’m still lisping cos he almost took out the bite turbos, but then decided not too, such a tease. I have new wires which are made of different material which he can manipulate, so they both have bends in them at different places; on the top wire to bring my front teeth forward and on the bottom one to lift my back teeth up. Apparently my whole jaw is going to lift up which sounds dramatic. As usual though hardly any pain and I’m already back to eating most things. I did have one stopper (a separate piece of metal on the archwire) that was really rough and after a few hours had destroyed my gum, I resorted to drastic measures and got out a nail file, which actually worked. I’ve still got the elastic band to close the gap on my bottom front teeth, thankfully a nice new one, so absolutely no curries, well at least until just before my next appointment, the last one did get a bit yucky. He said it was all going well, he even showed me the photos he took before I started and there is quite a difference already. I’m now thinking the braces have become so much a part of me it will be strange not to have them, not that they are coming off anytime soon, but it’s just strange to be thinking that.


I’m going to do a round up of films at the end of the Festival, although I think I might be a bit embarrassed to count up the number I’ve seen.

Other than seeing films I’ve bumped into a colleague from years ago, I’ve met a guy who looked extremely familiar, but who ignored me when I asked where I might have known him from, twice. I’ve had an odd conversation where I semi lied about my work and didn’t defend blogs and I don’t know why. I’ve repeatedly sat next to a well-known director to the point where it’s becoming a bit farcical. I’ve discovered a great place for sushi and eaten tons of it (I’m a little worried about the Mercury count). I’ve drunk lots of hot chocolate and I’ve only walked out of one film.


I saw a beautifully restored version of Dr. Strangelove this afternoon as part of the Festival. I don’t think I have ever seen it before; it was very funny, but ultimately very depressing. This was the first screening of the restored print, which has taken over a year to complete, three of the people who worked on it were at the screening and it’s a real shame that the cinema wasn’t full.

On the way home it felt like I was in a movie… I slouched in first class on the train to Clapham Junction and then there was a replacement bus service the rest of the way home. Of course there was the mandatory drunk on the bus who unfortunately got abusive and then got into a fight with two of the people I was sitting with, luckily I managed to get out of the way just in time. We were at a stop, but the South West Train’s guy was completely useless, just standing watching, even when he got on the bus he didn’t do anything whilst the drunk guy was attacking a passenger, it took another passenger to get the drunk off the bus. You would think that South West Train’s, train their employees to deal with this kind of situation, it’s not like it’s rare in London on a weekend.

Movie mania

I’ve lost count of the films; I’m a zombie with a spinning head. Too tired to write more – need to sleep.

Where I’ve been

It’s been an ‘I’m living in a channel five afternoon film’ week and I have to thank A who’s been wonderful. In between the melodrama I’ve been doing the festival. So far I’ve been surprised by the films I’ve seen. Stranger than Fiction was great, in that feel good sort of way – don’t read anything about it – just go and see it. The US Vs. Lennon, I saw by mistake and it turned out to be fascinating; I have a whole new respect for Lennon and Ono. I left the cinema thinking; where’s our Lennon? The Dixie Chicks certainly didn’t take up the baton. I didn’t get The Wedding Director, but I was very tired at that point. The Boss of it All is a laugh….

Link Express

These are some that I’m thinking look interesting*: The Wedding Director, A Comedy of Power, The Boss of It All, The Ground Truth, Black Book, No. 2, Longing, Container, Wild Tigers I Have Known, The Caiman, Shortbus, Little Children, Half Nelson, After the Wedding, Dans Paris, Falling, Thin, Meanwhile, Beyond Hatred, The Year After, Bebel, Bobby, Breaking and Entering, Fast Food Nation, Stranger than Fiction, Catch a Fire, Close to Home.

* There is no order to this madness.

Freedom of speech

I’ve just finished going through the London Film Festival brochure… I’m not sure there is anything amazing that stands out… yet; my list of requested films is a lot shorter than usual. I saw Dixie Chicks: Shut up and Sing, my first film – a little bit confusingly edited, but quite fun – S is going to pick up the album for me from the Library… it’s amazing the effect that one sentence could have had – it’s slightly unbelievable, but true.

Opening the box

Maybe this was a sort of D-day.

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