Month: November 2006

Berlin days

Getting used to using a German keyboard. I got very wet on the first day and am now fighting a cold. L is giving me drugs. Yesterday, we spent the morning talking, so I rushed off late to see the German History Museum and ended up at the Rebecca Horn exhibition, a spontaneous change of […]

Berlin – First day

Faces that look oddly familiar walking down the street, dark hair, half sentenses understood, a smile on my face, chickening out of trying to use my rusty German. So far I feel comfortable, even a New York kind of comfortable, I’m thinking about that. I walked through the Brandenburg gate, which I remember stopping in […]


Just in case you are wondering… I didn’t win the lottery, but finding out about my ancestors and discovering a whole new part of my family does feel like another kind of windfall. [ viagra dosage | picture viagra pill | viagra overnight delivery | viagra sales u.k | zocor alternative viagra | viagra wholesalers […]


I’ve had a serious family contact / finding out my ancestors sort of weekend. I met someone who knew my grandfather last week, brief conversation, which covered concerts and being chased by a colleagues husband sometime back in the 1950’s, the latter I assure you nothing to do with my grandfather. Later in the week […]

A first

I did it, I braved the torrential rain to buy my first ever lottery ticket. I’ve already set up a Foundation and allocated the money. It’s an odd sensation to be part of something like this, I along with millions of other people across Europe, all of us believing there is a small chance, actually […]

Golden ticket?

I’m thinking of rushing out and buying a lottery ticket – it would be a first. [ viagra problems | generic cialis in india | herbal viagra cartridge | cheap link suggest viagra | viagra online deals | indian viagra | generic cialis in india | map of france with cialis | mail order for […]

A trip

I’m going to the land of my forefathers next week; I’m nervous and excited and a little worried, because everyone keeps saying how cold it’s going to be and my bones get cold. I need to make a trip to M & S, I hope they still do thermals. [ viagra fun | picture viagra […]

Art and understanding

At the last minute I got to a couple of films at the Jewish Film Festival, both really interesting; Another Road Home and Knowledge is the Beginning – I’d recommend both. The latter is about Daniel Barenboim’s and Edward Said’s [this only seems to be in Spanish?] wonderful Middle Eastern Youth Orchestra project , a […]

Small, but powerful

I took this a while ago, but kept forgetting to ask permission to post it. It’s an anti-slavery purse, it would have been carried by women as a protest against the slave trade, before they had the vote. Quite amazing. [ viagra drug interaction | female viagra alternative | viagra scotland | overnight delivery cialis […]


Hey, the counter for Frizz went over the 10,000 point when I wasn’t looking. I had to double check it was 10,000 and not 1,000. [ viagra patent | get viagra avoid prescription | buy viagra mexico | generic cialis | cialis kanada | viagra in canada pfizer | buy cialis | herbal viagra equivalent […]