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Magical ice

Yesterday a group of us went skating, luckily missing the rain. There were a few left over puddles on the ice and we had a couple of wet bottoms, but I won’t name names! Little John was a star. And as always it was magical, there is something very special about skating and especially about skating outside.

Raising my geekiness

What I have been doing instead, is checking out WordPress and I’m considering moving Frizz. I was thinking about it this time last year, but then I thought it would be too big a technical leap and I wasn’t sure I could justify buying some hosting space (would I keep blogging?), but now it seems a good project for the New Year. It’s still going to be a huge technical leap, but I’ve actually been enjoying raising my geekiness level over the last few days. So just to say, there might be some rather dramatic changes to Frizz in the coming weeks.

Rather too much food

Well, I thought I could use a blogging break, hence the silence. During this time I’ve eaten too much and felt sick quite a bit, the word gluttony has come to mind quite a lot, we are talking cake, chocolate, fudge, mince pies (gluten free thanks to Anna), Big R’s amazing raspberry, lots of cold Salmon, an assortment of fine cheeses… the list goes on. Sandy and I went for a lovely Christmas morning walk, Sandy kited out for the occasion. Clapping hands, I got a genealogy programme from Big R and S, so I have somewhere to write down all the family info I’ve been finding out. And I haven’t watched any TV, which I think is a first. I have been ‘going’ to watch Barefoot in the Park for about three days now, but it never seems to happen.

Xmas dog

All that wrapping is exhausting…

Festive spirit

I’m about to go off for my traditional last minute wander around the shops. Happy holidays!

Russian Tea

Red and gold and twinkling lights. A big table with friends sitting around chatting, laughing. Divine hot chocolate and good conversation. And a little one. Thanks everyone for coming it was lovely to see you all.

Id cards

Keeping on the privacy theme, I’ve just discovered

Well wishes

I’m lazily listening to Woman’s Hour when Jenni Murray says she has some news of her own… I hold my breath, because she says it in a way you know it’s something serious… she has breast cancer. Murray is Woman’s Hour, it’s never the same without her. So I’m wishing her a very speedy recovery, she says her “prognosis is excellent”, I hope it’s not long before she’s back where she belongs and that she knows she has the well wishes of so many of us.

Who knew?

For the second time this week, someone who I would never have imaged to have any Jewish ancestry, has just told me that they think one of their grandfather’s might have been Jewish.


Gosh, seem to have had a customer service policy change. So I had a call this afternoon responding to my email problem… and now it’s working again. I’m impressed…

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