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Classical Brain

So what happened. First of all she had a psychology test where I think she had to describe the meaning of words and other such things (maybe she’ll write something in the comments?), and then the brain scan – she has a very classical brain – very symmetrical and her powers of staying still were awesome. The Scientists used an MRI to scan her brain, which is not a particularly nice experience, it’s very noisy and she had to think and respond to questions on a screen at the same time. She did great.

I had a strange experience because an MRI is actually a huge magnet, which attracts metal, so my braces reacted to it and my teeth started aching. I did wonder if I stayed for long enough, if it would speed up the Ortho process? Too achy though, so I watched for a bit and then went out of the restricted area.

When the scan was completed The Niece was able to see her brain as though she were entering inside it. She could see all the different areas of the face; the nose, the eye sockets, the mouth and then the teeth and the optic nerve and then through the brain to the spinal column. Fascinating. She stayed a little while to watch how it worked from the other side, whilst the next person was scanned before we went on our way… which was to the British Museum, well we were passing. I showed her the old Reading Room and then she chose to go to the Asian section, which was apt as she’s doing Buddhism for GCSE.

Then we went here for some food and then she couldn’t wait to go home. A big thank you to The Nephew for picking her up from the station.


For science group this month we went to see a Cognitive Neuroscientist who just happens to be doing a study on teenage girls, so I volunteered The Neice. So tomorrow we are going to have an adventure and she’s going to have her brain scanned. I’m such a nice aunt.

I’ll know more tomorrow, but as I understand it the study is to see if there is a difference in the emotional behaviour of a teenager, as compared to an adult, which can be tracked in the brain.

In need

I need a haircut and my hairdresser for the last few years as up and left and gone back to Italy. Where do I find a new one? Anyone know someone in London who can cope with long curly hair? The problem with curly hair is that it shrinks, so more often than not, if the hairdresser doesn’t know what he/she is doing, I can end up with a cut that looks the right length when it’s still wet, but once those curls are back it’s shot half way up my back. The last few years have been great cos the Italian always seemed to understand that. I need another Italian.


I’m the number one search on google for braces bite turbos… but it doesn’t make them any better, they are still a pain, not literally you understand, they don’t actually hurt, but take this example; when I phoned the guy at the tax office he couldn’t understand the numbers I was reading out to him… I had to apologize and say I had a brace, but really it’s the bite turbos. And my tongue is forever rubbing them; I think it thinks it will wear them down. Sadly, it’s mistaken.

Dead battery

There was a bit of excitement this morning… I’ve been hibernating at home for a few days, but I actually need some information I can’t get off the Internet. So I get dressed up in many, many layers and sit in my freezing cold car and start the engine, only its completely dead, which is odd because I did pop to the shops on Saturday and it was fine (or as fine as a 15 yr old car can be, with three not so careful owners and a recent lack of servicing). So S and I tried to jump start it; first of all S’s bonnet (hood) wouldn’t open, which was good to find out now, rather than during some emergency, which is what I said, trying to be reassuring or possibly just annoying. Then we tried Big R’s car. I’ve never had to jump start a car before, so I was reading the instructions, which basically did everything to try and put us off bothering, what with the mention of acid leaks, sparks and having to remove the battery vents. I thought you just attach the leads and hey presto the car starts, which was more or less what we did in the end, but the car didn’t start. Poo, to that.

I rang the RAC for a call out.

The guy was great; very calm and knowledgeable, actually ‘outstanding’, which was the highest mark I could give in the survey on his PDA. He found a new battery for me at the local store and I followed him down there in my car, which he got started without the battery? The only thing that wasn’t so great, was that he did try and get out of putting the battery in for me, but I just thought I would rather he did it than the guy at the store and the call centre had said he would be able to, so I persisted, but I don’t think I should have needed to. Once in, the car started like a dream, it doesn’t mean it is, cos it certainly isn’t, but it works again, which is a relief.

Message to self – I do need to look for a new car!!!!!

On the beach

Scavenging is the word for today. Goodies being picked up on the beach from MSC Napoli. Ebay is going to be busy; nappies, car parts, 50 BMW motorbikes and face cream – I wonder what make? According to the Beeb one container had both battery acid and perfumes – now that’s an odd mixture.

A Water buffalo

Taking the idea of buying a ‘charity gift’ a step further. Watch the video to see what happened. [via]


Look We Have Coming to Dover!

With all the issues coming out of Big Brother and the general debate about multicultural Britain, this first collection of poems by British-born Indian Daljit Nagra comes out at a very appropriate time. It just got a very exciting review on Late Review and here’s a writeup in the Guardian.

Running away

This is very funny , the guy puts his camera on self-timer and then sees how far away he can get. [via]

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