Month: January 2007


I just upgraded to WordPress 2.1 – a few odds things, but I think it’s OK. [ canadian generic cialis | viagra benefits side effects | cheap link suggest viagra | counterfeit viagra | brand viagra professional | counterfeit viagra | viagra buy in uk online | cheapest prices on viagra | viagra oral gel […]

Classical Brain

So what happened. First of all she had a psychology test where I think she had to describe the meaning of words and other such things (maybe she’ll write something in the comments?), and then the brain scan – she has a very classical brain – very symmetrical and her powers of staying still were […]


For science group this month we went to see a Cognitive Neuroscientist who just happens to be doing a study on teenage girls, so I volunteered The Neice. So tomorrow we are going to have an adventure and she’s going to have her brain scanned. I’m such a nice aunt. I’ll know more tomorrow, but […]

In need

I need a haircut and my hairdresser for the last few years as up and left and gone back to Italy. Where do I find a new one? Anyone know someone in London who can cope with long curly hair? The problem with curly hair is that it shrinks, so more often than not, if […]


I’m the number one search on google for braces bite turbos… but it doesn’t make them any better, they are still a pain, not literally you understand, they don’t actually hurt, but take this example; when I phoned the guy at the tax office he couldn’t understand the numbers I was reading out to him… […]

Dead battery

There was a bit of excitement this morning… I’ve been hibernating at home for a few days, but I actually need some information I can’t get off the Internet. So I get dressed up in many, many layers and sit in my freezing cold car and start the engine, only its completely dead, which is […]

On the beach

Scavenging is the word for today. Goodies being picked up on the beach from MSC Napoli. Ebay is going to be busy; nappies, car parts, 50 BMW motorbikes and face cream – I wonder what make? According to the Beeb one container had both battery acid and perfumes – now that’s an odd mixture. [ […]

A Water buffalo

Taking the idea of buying a ‘charity gift’ a step further. Watch the video to see what happened. [via] [ buying cialis | viagra buy now pay later | free viagra sample | cialis price in canada | cialis women | viagra selling points in pakistan | united healthcare viagra | buy viagra woman | […]


With all the issues coming out of Big Brother and the general debate about multicultural Britain, this first collection of poems by British-born Indian Daljit Nagra comes out at a very appropriate time. It just got a very exciting review on Late Review and here’s a writeup in the Guardian. [ viagra ingredients | levitra […]

Running away

This is very funny , the guy puts his camera on self-timer and then sees how far away he can get. [via] [ cialis no rx | overseas viagra | prescription cialis | is pfizer viagra available in india | online viagra next day delivery | pharmaceuticals female viagra | viagra no prescription | sildenafil […]