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Over the years countless friends and even complete strangers have asked if I might be anemic, I used to have very pale skin, less so now, I used to wear blusher just so people wouldn’t ask. A while ago a doctor suggested that I get my iron levels checked. Kind of ironically, three blood tests later as there was a bit of a balls up, it turns out that right now, I am officially anemic, which hopefully explains why I have been feeling so absolutely zonked.

It’s also an explanation for the lack on posts, because I really haven’t been doing much.

[Also, I have a craving for a M & S Roast Beef and Horseradish sandwich – not good for a vegetarian].

Culturally speaking

A reminder that Jewish Book Week starts this weekend.


OK, I think this is going a bit too far; a petition to replace the national anthem with ‘Gold‘ by Spandau Ballet in time for the 2012 Olympics – LOL it’s got over four thousand signatories. I’m just being realistic… I mean it could cause rather a lot of embarrassment.


There is a petition calling for Ruth Kelly to be removed as the Minister for Women and Equality – it’s got 5670 signatories so far.

Public voice

The government petition site is quite amazing – did you know that you can create your own petition? There are 3683 petitions at the moment, which shows that given the opportunity, many people who would otherwise keep silent will make the effort to voice their views. It’s really quite an exciting use of the internet, but will the government actually listen? The top five petitions as I write are:

One that caught my eye is against cuts to the British Library’s budget.

Back bite

So the visit to the Ortho was fine. The broken bracket was really really easy to get off – it just popped off. Still have the bite turbos, although since the appointment my teeth have moved so that I’m now almost always biting down on my back teeth… so different from where I was at the start, when my bite came down on my front teeth and it feels so different – much better/more relaxed. The elastic band at the front is still there too, except now it’s over five teeth. I also have to think about whether I want him to shave my teeth at the front to get rid of the small gap between them, that came out of the blue, but I’ve done some checking and it seems pretty normal and found some pictures and the results can look quite good (no vanity here).

Road tax?

You still have until midnight to sign the petition against a road tax… although I’m having trouble getting through…


Whilst I was looking up what Ken was up to this week I found CapitalWoman, it’s on March 3 – it’s free – what do you think?

Chinese New Year


I came across this protest in London earlier in the week just around the corner from the Chinese lanterns on Regents Street. They were protesting against Ken meeting with some Chinese officials.  Google has failed me and I can’t seem to find anymore information on it.

Seriously funny

The wonderful Daily Show with Jon Stewart available on-line.

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