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World Press Photo Awards

Amazing photo of a settler trying to hold off Israeli security officers. [via]


Quite fancy seeing The Namesake. It’s got mixed reviews, but just heard Mira Nair on the Radio and it sounds interesting.

Talking of films, I saw Amazing Grace – a bit disappointing. What I’d really like to watch again is Roots. I’ve realized hearing about it again this week, that I must have watched it when I was very young and that it had quite an impact. Just hearing the name Kunta Kinte takes me right back; I remember it as an event and it must still form the basis of my knowledge of the slave trade, I don’t remember covering it at school – A do you remember? I’m wondering as well how much it would have informed my sense of moral justice, I’m thinking it must have done.

Web access

Check out whether a website is banned in China.


I have a dog lying at my feet, well on my feet to be exact, all I need now are slippers and a pipe.


Apologies, because I’m having a bit of an anti-blogging moment.

Where I’m at:

Mussels and Oysters have the highest iron content of any food. Cooked spinach does not have much iron and it’s hard to absorb. There seems to be confusion as to whether beetroot has a significant amount of iron.

I put baby B to sleep last week and it was something very special.

At the weekend I got on my bike for the first time in almost a year – wonderful except my wrist still hurts, but only whilst I cycled, not afterwards, which is something.

Sandy’s had fleas – well one flea, but I’m sure there were more – she’s been treated with some horrible chemical stuff. There’s a small chance she might have mange, which would need even more horrible chemical stuff.

There are young deer in the park.

Catch a Prince

Prince Charles took the train today, almost like the rest of us, he did go first class, but good for him. The Tube next?

[A case of David Cameron? His car was driven down to Woking to pick him up!]

Where’s the Tuna?

Not here!

What are you doing?

Take a photo today… for the a day in the life of Flickr pool.


Sasha is having a charity screening of An Inconvenient Truth at the Tricycle. Go book.

Hidden Places

Sneaking a peak at the Orchid Show on Friday. Great Art Deco hall as well.

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