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Isabella Plantation

Is looking stunning at the moment – Big R managed to come along too. This is another go at the Orton effect, which is actually quite hard to get right. Not quite happy with this, but after a while it’s hard to tell. It does make it look like a fairytale world.

Reich Lectures 07

I was listening to this weeks BBC Reich Lecture by Jeffrey Sachs and in a time where so many people seem to be doing their utmost to spread fear, it is inspiring and refreshing to have someone talk about the possibilities of peace and co-operation.  Sachs is quoting a speech by John F. Kennedy from 1963 which directly led to the first Test Ban Treaty and the very first steps to the end of the cold war.  If you have a bit of time (and even if you don’t) have a listen – it’s worth it.

Nostalgia fix

Check out these scratch ‘n sniff stickers, they are giving me flashbacks to the little kid me. I’ll still pick up an eraser in a shop to see if it smells, although they never seem to these days – someone told me that they’d stopped making them for health and safety reasons, but I don’t know if that’s just one of the those tales. Anyone know if they still make the stickers? I can almost smell that strange so called chocolate smell. [via]

Barbie Cake

A made this for S’s birthday party, which I’m missing, because of the “chicken pox” thing. I hope someone’s going to take some pics.

Learning to Love You More

I followed the trail and it led me here, an interactive art project by Miranda July and a couple of other artists.  There are various assignments to complete from writing to taking photographs – one where you take a pic under your bed – before you clean it.  Some of the stuff is really good, so you can just browse or try an assignment yourself.  I love the way the internet can bring people together like this.

Follow the arrows

A website for Miranda July’s, forthcoming book of short stories No One Belongs Here More Than You – I like her sense of humour. July is an artist and filmmaker – she directed Me & You and Everyone We Know, which is a lovely indie film I’d recommend if you haven’t seen it yet. [via]


The elastics come in different sizes and each one has a different animal on the front of the packet – the Ortho showed me – I guess so they are easier for kids to remember. So mine are fairly strong. It’s like the Ram is pulling my teeth into place – looks like she’s he’s working hard.

Serious Elastics

Had my 7th Ortho appointment yesterday. And as I have virtually no bite, I ended up getting elastics either side (see the pic!). The hooky thing is cute. I can take them out for eating, which is just as well cos that would be tricky, otherwise I’m supposed to wear them all the time. If I relax my bottom jaw the elastics support it, which feels very strange and a bit painful and I kept half waking up during the night and not understanding why I couldn’t open my month, it felt like it had been welded shut and I sort of remember giving up the battle each time and going back to sleep.

The elastic on the lower front teeth is still there – the gap between the two front teeth has come back. And a new one on the front upper teeth to close a gap at the side.

Just call me metalestastic.

Apart from that I have the same wires, but with more wonky bends in them.

I’d sort of got used to adjustments being relatively painless, but yesterday I had to mash up a banana – a first. So I went and bought some delicious soup for dinner and lots of fruit to make smoothies.

Oh and the bite turbos are still in place…

No flooding

Look no flooding.  Beautiful walk, except for when Sandy shocked me by walking down the very steep riverbank and into the Thames – D pulled her out, while I just stood there in shock.

Moo again

I’m having a conversation with Dan M, do you think the M stands for Moo?  I really want some of their new NoteCards – I was crossing my fingers that that was going to be their ‘promised’ next product – but I’m a little scared about the light thing.  So I’ve now sent a couple of photo’s for him to inspect.  I actually ended up keeping my Moo cards and having not used them much, I handed out loads last week and they caused a bit of a stir.

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