Month: April 2007

Isabella Plantation

Is looking stunning at the moment – Big R managed to come along too. This is another go at the Orton effect, which is actually quite hard to get right. Not quite happy with this, but after a while it’s hard to tell. It does make it look like a fairytale world. [ alternative doctor […]

Reich Lectures 07

I was listening to this weeks BBC Reich Lecture by Jeffrey Sachs and in a time where so many people seem to be doing their utmost to spread fear, it is inspiring and refreshing to have someone talk about the possibilities of peace and co-operation.  Sachs is quoting a speech by John F. Kennedy from […]

Nostalgia fix

Check out these scratch ‘n sniff stickers, they are giving me flashbacks to the little kid me. I’ll still pick up an eraser in a shop to see if it smells, although they never seem to these days – someone told me that they’d stopped making them for health and safety reasons, but I don’t […]

Barbie Cake

A made this for S’s birthday party, which I’m missing, because of the “chicken pox” thing. I hope someone’s going to take some pics. [ brand cialis for sale | online viagra gel to buy | obtain viagra without prescription | buy viagra now online | mail order for viagra tablets | viagra cost | […]

Learning to Love You More

I followed the trail and it led me here, an interactive art project by Miranda July and a couple of other artists.  There are various assignments to complete from writing to taking photographs – one where you take a pic under your bed – before you clean it.  Some of the stuff is really good, […]

Follow the arrows

A website for Miranda July’s, forthcoming book of short stories No One Belongs Here More Than You – I like her sense of humour. July is an artist and filmmaker – she directed Me & You and Everyone We Know, which is a lovely indie film I’d recommend if you haven’t seen it yet. [via] […]


The elastics come in different sizes and each one has a different animal on the front of the packet – the Ortho showed me – I guess so they are easier for kids to remember. So mine are fairly strong. It’s like the Ram is pulling my teeth into place – looks like she’s he’s […]

Serious Elastics

Had my 7th Ortho appointment yesterday. And as I have virtually no bite, I ended up getting elastics either side (see the pic!). The hooky thing is cute. I can take them out for eating, which is just as well cos that would be tricky, otherwise I’m supposed to wear them all the time. If […]

No flooding

Look no flooding.  Beautiful walk, except for when Sandy shocked me by walking down the very steep riverbank and into the Thames – D pulled her out, while I just stood there in shock. [ cialis generic levitra viagra | viagra suppliers | cheepest cialis | buy cheap purchase uk viagra | uk pharmacies cheap […]

Moo again

I’m having a conversation with Dan M, do you think the M stands for Moo?  I really want some of their new NoteCards – I was crossing my fingers that that was going to be their ‘promised’ next product – but I’m a little scared about the light thing.  So I’ve now sent a couple […]