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Tate Time 2

I took part in a performance piece on Saturday at Tate Modern “Did you ever want to be someone else?” and this is me with the face of artist Mathieu Briand… I know, I look hideous and scary and just horrible. It was a laugh though, we did the performance in the turbine hall mingling with the visitors. It was fun with the mask on just going up to complete strangers and doing weird things – the mask gave me a wonderful sense of freedom – so it really was like being someone else. The performance was a bit boys own – with pretending to shoot, die, and be captured high on the list – my best bit was dying dramatically; I slid down the wall at speed. There was one part where my group had to stand facing a wall with our hands on our head and wait for instructions, so just as I’m getting tired I have something pointed at my back and I’m told to move… I hadn’t been expecting that and it was quite powerful to suddenly understand the bigger picture – that we must have all looked like we’d been ‘captured’.

Even though we all had the same mask on, it looked different on each person depending on the size and shape of their face, but it did give everyone an angry face and even though I knew it wasn’t how they were feeling, it was really hard to dismiss what I was seeing and my instinctive emotional reaction was to be afraid, that was very interesting to realize just how powerful an instinctive reaction to someones expression I could have. It was quite a relief at the end to be reacquainted  with peoples real faces when the masks came off.

Tate Time 1

I went to see the new photography exhibition at Tate Britain; How We Are: Photographing Britain.  Novel idea, they have a computer in the exhibition with Flickr showing.  So I couldn’t resist leaving it on my photos and then watching people as they came up and looked at them, I had to stop myself from going “those are my photos” – how egalitarian is that.  I tried to take a photo of my photo’s ‘exhibiting’ at the Tate, but an officious guard came up and told me it wasn’t allowed, shame.


Frizz was two years old last week. Can’t believe it, no it’s true.  Time goes so quickly…

MOT time

I’m actually being organized this year and doing MOT et al on time… so the car failed it’s MOT today, but only on minor things like its bumper doing a good impression of falling off and a broken light. Anyway my garage charged me £1 for a bulb and did something brilliant to the bumper so it’s horizontal again.


I’m feeling sad about the fire on the Cutty Sark.  I have fond memory’s of going to Greenwich to see it. It’s shocking when something so old is damaged like that, I hope it turns out to be a fluke of some sort and not pointless arson.

Other worlds

Yesterday, I met a complete stranger who took me on a trip to the Cape and gave me a sailing boat. A dream, no Second Life. This was my first experience of the virtual world and I actually found it far less ‘unreal’ than I expected. So much for taking on a different persona, at the moment my avatar is an animation replica of myself, hmm… I also couldn’t quite take the virtual world ‘as real world’ seriously, but I can see how it could become totally addictive and in-world you get to teleport as if you were in Star Trek and fly like Superman…

Here we go

Madonna’s new Live Earth song, can be downloaded from here for a limited time.

TV can do that

I’ve watched the whole of season two of The Closer in multiple sittings – I’m a little freaked out.  Also, when you (meaning I) watch multi episodes like that, you start to dissect it and although it’s good it turns out to be quite formulaic, but still it deserves better than Channel 4 showing it tucked away somewhere in the late hours.

Top 10 Mac utilities

An interesting top 10 of (mostly free) utilities from Lifehacker.

In my dreams

Where has the warm weather gone? Really, I need it to come back now.  Yes, I know we need the rain, it’s a good thing, really it is, I know.

I am lusting after a DSLR – I’m thinking Nikon D80, but I think it’s too heavy, my wrist is still not 100% and started hurting when I was in the shop, pretending I was going to buy a camera. So more realistically both weight wise and money wise the Canon 400d, but the kit lens is supposed to be horrible, so then another lens would add to the price. Plus the Nikon feels and sounds like a real SLR and the Canon, well it just doesn’t. Looking through Flickr though the results with the Canon are very impressive. This is all speculative and simple displacement and rambling, because I can’t really afford either.

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