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Interesting article by Eve Kay writing on the origins of the title Ms. Call me Ms, in the Guardian today. I was amazed when a friend not too long ago tried to convince me that Ms. was only generally used by divorced women, I guess, sadly, she’s not the only one. I think I stopped using Miss the day I left school, which is how it should be.

Evening Primrose


Took this in between the rain and grey sky’s of the week. We almost have a field of it. I’m wondering if I could make some oil?

All change

Blair out. Brown in. All I had to do was watch, strange feeling not going to the polls.

Not rained off

I was going to ‘pop’ down to Wimbledon this afternoon, but it was horrible weather all day and I have work to do.  Now OK I’m doing the work, but it’s a beautiful evening and I’m sitting here wishing I’d gone.

On your marks… get set… go!

On your marks.... get set... go!

Don’t they look like they are about to race each other? Spotted on my eventful Ortho visit yesterday. There is a little bit of Photoshop trickery going on here… I’m definitely having a Photoshop moment. My first book on the subject came in the post yesterday and S picked one up from the library for me, so I’m cross-referencing.

Whilst I was at it I got Susan Sontag’s On Photography which has been on my “to read” list since Uni, when I think I glanced at it. Actually, I have a very strong memory of this German post grad student with a battered copy, explaining it to me whilst teaching me how to develop my photos. So her name just popped into my head (amazing how that happens, it was sometime ago), at least I think it’s her name, so I googled and there is someone with her name working in photography who speaks German… that’s the thing with Google you can find people, but then what?

Braces and a rose

Well the one really has nothing to do with the other except I saw the rose on the way to the Orthos and took the photo on the way home. I actually forgot I had the appointment or at least I thought it was for next week. So I was there on Monday picking up a new packet of elastics, only to be called yesterday and reminded that I’d be seeing them all again today.

Changes are I only have to wear the elastics at night, so I went home sans elastic and my jaw felt all over the place without the support. Off came the elastic from my front teeth to be replaced by a white wire that’s twisted around my six front upper teeth. He said it was passive, but something’s making them sore.

The elastic on the two bottom front teeth had run out of force, so I still had a pretty big gap, he replaced it and by the time I wake up tomorrow the gap will have closed – it’s almost there now.

The gestimate for how much longer the braces are on for is four to six months, I can see there’s quite a lot more to sort out so that makes sense.  [Update: on second thoughts he might have meant six to eight months – yikes].

So that’s another adjustment and not too painful.

whole Foods

How could I resist? Whole Foods is big in the US and this is their first UK store – if you don’t count Fresh and Wild, which they bought some time ago. They have transformed the old Barkers department store on High Street Kensington – it’s quite something; two floors of food and the top floor is a canteen of sorts, selling sushi, pizza, oysters, a whole assortment. The cheese section is wonderful, there was a whole aisle of olives, the fish looked amazing – be preferred though for high prices. It’s very impressive, but I did think just a little sterile, especially the third floor – I wouldn’t run to eat there, but I’m sure I’ll be back to shop.


Lovely Sunday afternoon yesterday with L from Berlin.  Took Sandy along and we did cupcakes and the park.

No wifi

Well that was a very busy week, hence the lack of posts, which was also because I kept ending up in places that ought to have had wifi, but didn’t.  And I’ve been over at Flickr lots.   And Facebook.  And there’s just too many places to be in all at once.

Highlights of the week: the car broke down, luckily outside the house, so could have been a lot worse.  But so much for the MOT?!

Sue Perkins at the Soho Theatre was funny.

Lots of Starbucks cold chocolate – even better than when it’s hot, although I keep forgetting to ask for a paper and not a plastic cup.

Had a big spring (I guess really summer) clean up – lots of packaging and plastic and stuff that I just don’t want to go into a landfill.

I got taken out for a business lunch – doesn’t happen very often – so definitely a thing.

Cycled again and have found the most amazingly quick route from High Street Ken to Earls Court.

I’m still obsessing over a DSLR and as compensation I’ve ordered a book on Photoshop so I can fake it.

Wembley fever

George doing his thing

Playing catch up – I went to Wembley last weekend to see George Michael. I have a friend who has a friend – thank you S. I kinda went more to see the stadium than George and it lived up to expectations.  George wasn’t bad either, although there were lots of cringy flashbacks to ’80’s school disco’s.

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