Month: June 2007


Interesting article by Eve Kay writing on the origins of the title Ms. Call me Ms, in the Guardian today. I was amazed when a friend not too long ago tried to convince me that Ms. was only generally used by divorced women, I guess, sadly, she’s not the only one. I think I stopped […]

Evening Primrose

  Took this in between the rain and grey sky’s of the week. We almost have a field of it. I’m wondering if I could make some oil? [ canadian generic cialis | original use of viagra | cialis endurance | how much is viagra | buy cialis once daily | buy viagra in canada […]

All change

Blair out. Brown in. All I had to do was watch, strange feeling not going to the polls. [ generic viagra uk supplies | cialis once daily | buy generic cialis | cialis arterial fibrillation | cialis blood thinner | canadian pharmacy viagra | viagra buy viagra | buy viagra now online | generic viagra […]

Not rained off

I was going to ‘pop’ down to Wimbledon this afternoon, but it was horrible weather all day and I have work to do.  Now OK I’m doing the work, but it’s a beautiful evening and I’m sitting here wishing I’d gone. [ viagra tablets no prescription | viagra generic | viagra patent | viagra in […]

On your marks… get set… go!

Don’t they look like they are about to race each other? Spotted on my eventful Ortho visit yesterday. There is a little bit of Photoshop trickery going on here… I’m definitely having a Photoshop moment. My first book on the subject came in the post yesterday and S picked one up from the library for […]

Braces and a rose

Well the one really has nothing to do with the other except I saw the rose on the way to the Orthos and took the photo on the way home. I actually forgot I had the appointment or at least I thought it was for next week. So I was there on Monday picking up […]

whole Foods

How could I resist? Whole Foods is big in the US and this is their first UK store – if you don’t count Fresh and Wild, which they bought some time ago. They have transformed the old Barkers department store on High Street Kensington – it’s quite something; two floors of food and the top […]


Lovely Sunday afternoon yesterday with L from Berlin.  Took Sandy along and we did cupcakes and the park. [ statistics on viagra | best herbal viagra | usa generic viagra | levitra versus viagra | buy viagra internet | cialis pharmacy generic | buy pfizer viagra in canada | viagra generic | buy inurl viagra […]

No wifi

Well that was a very busy week, hence the lack of posts, which was also because I kept ending up in places that ought to have had wifi, but didn’t.  And I’ve been over at Flickr lots.   And Facebook.  And there’s just too many places to be in all at once. Highlights of the week: […]

Wembley fever

Playing catch up – I went to Wembley last weekend to see George Michael. I have a friend who has a friend – thank you S. I kinda went more to see the stadium than George and it lived up to expectations.  George wasn’t bad either, although there were lots of cringy flashbacks to ’80’s […]