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I had a minor road accident… just one of those things where you’re left thinking; how did that happen? Luckily, no one was hurt, just a bit of shock all round.

On a better note, I think I’ve found a really good osteopath for my wrist… least ways I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath… well crossing my fingers. He even thinks he’ll be able to get me back doing yoga… I am daydreaming about headstands.


I’m under the centre of the storm and it’s making me feel like a little kid.   You know when in the middle of the night there was a thunder storm and you hid under the covers trying not to be afraid.  Well there is a little bit of me doing that right now.

Cool Dog

Sandy has a fan club. This afternoon we heard; “Sandy”, “Sandy”, coming from outside. It was a group of kids calling for her to come out. Of course she just ignored them, such a cool dog.


I have a migraine and I didn’t see it coming.

Different worlds


Where do you want to go?

Sometimes the will is there, but the body isn’t quite up to it. Still have the anemia – a little bored of feeling so tired. In the last couple of weeks though I’ve noticed that my brain is functioning better, slowly does it.

Lovely day on Saturday seeing some friends, but over did it a bit. It’s just knowing when it’s time to go home. A and I ended up having brunch at the not so new Raoul’s in Notting Hill, I’ve missed those eggs.

It’s a book thing

I just discovered The Book Depository, hadn’t heard of them before, but I found them through Amazon’s marketplace, so they must be OK, right? They are offering free delivery on any orders.


A few weeks ago I had the chance to have some Reiki, which is a type of healing. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it turned out to be an incredibly positive and inspiring experience. Much of it was centered on change and understanding we can change the choices we make.

On Monday I went to Oxford to work for The Photographer for the first time since the move. On the way home I met an acquaintance who told me about having her camera stolen and how devastated she’d been by the experience; it had taken her two years to get a new camera and she was still obviously upset. I’ve had a camera stolen and I’ve left another one (with my favorite ever picture on the film still inside it) in a taxi. Both times I just went out and bought a new one and it struck me, whilst I was listening to her, that that was a choice I made at the time and I thought about the photos I wouldn’t have now if I’d decided not to get another camera, what I would have lost. We had both reacted in completely different ways to similar incidences and suddenly I could see what a huge difference such a simple choice could make.

Then yesterday coincidently, I had two discussions about choice and fate. One wrangled it’s way there from somewhere else and another one was a group discussion and it just happened to be the topic for that meeting.

So I’m thinking about two things, firstly, being able to see the choices, because I don’t think I always have done in the past and secondly, to let myself choose the reaction that is most positive. I think what it boils down to is not getting so hurt and being able to let go, which doesn’t mean forgetting, because I still think about that picture left behind in my camera, but I’ve also got all the pictures I’ve taken since.

Goes without saying it’s easier said than done.

Live Earth

I have spent the day recovering from nine hours or so at Wembley yesterday. It was fun, but also very long and there is only so many times you can be told to recycle and switch off lights. I’m not sure about the sound at Wembley, yesterday it was incredibly loud and sometimes it was good and sometimes it was awful and at those times I was very tempted to ask the woman behind me with the earplugs if she had a spare pair.

Best were Paulo Nutini who was a revelation and was absolutely brilliant as were the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the consummate professional, Madonna.

Geri Halliwell introduced Duran Duran and got booed… need I say more.

I planned my teeth brushing trips very badly missing Keen and Kasabian, I would have much preferred to have missed Black Eyed Pees and Pussycat Dolls the latter a combination of Charlie’s Angles and Playboy which stirred the irate feminist in me.

Corinne Bailey Rae was nice as was John Legend – for some reason he was only allowed one song.

The press is right though in that there was no amazing inspirational moment of the day… and with jokes about performers arriving in private jets – there were lots of mixed messages around.



Took this yesterday driving through the park – well I stopped to take it. The sky was amazing.  Not long after this I saw some scary lightening.

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