Month: July 2007


I had a minor road accident… just one of those things where you’re left thinking; how did that happen? Luckily, no one was hurt, just a bit of shock all round. On a better note, I think I’ve found a really good osteopath for my wrist… least ways I’m crossing my fingers and holding my […]


I’m under the centre of the storm and it’s making me feel like a little kid.   You know when in the middle of the night there was a thunder storm and you hid under the covers trying not to be afraid.  Well there is a little bit of me doing that right now. [ viagra […]

Cool Dog

Sandy has a fan club. This afternoon we heard; “Sandy”, “Sandy”, coming from outside. It was a group of kids calling for her to come out. Of course she just ignored them, such a cool dog. [ names of herbal viagra | wholesale generic viagra in canada | viagra pills | cialis okay for women […]


I have a migraine and I didn’t see it coming. [ levitra vs viagra | cream female viagra vigorelle | viagra users | safe for females to use viagra | alternative doctor viagra | generic viagra soft tabs | buy cialis next day delivery | free herbal viagra samples | cialis iop | viagra clone […]

Different worlds

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Where do you want to go?

Sometimes the will is there, but the body isn’t quite up to it. Still have the anemia – a little bored of feeling so tired. In the last couple of weeks though I’ve noticed that my brain is functioning better, slowly does it. Lovely day on Saturday seeing some friends, but over did it a […]

It’s a book thing

I just discovered The Book Depository, hadn’t heard of them before, but I found them through Amazon’s marketplace, so they must be OK, right? They are offering free delivery on any orders. [ buy in vancouver viagra | buy viagra prescription online | swiss oats a111 | alternate uses for viagra | problems with viagra […]


A few weeks ago I had the chance to have some Reiki, which is a type of healing. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it turned out to be an incredibly positive and inspiring experience. Much of it was centered on change and understanding we can change the choices we make. On Monday […]

Live Earth

I have spent the day recovering from nine hours or so at Wembley yesterday. It was fun, but also very long and there is only so many times you can be told to recycle and switch off lights. I’m not sure about the sound at Wembley, yesterday it was incredibly loud and sometimes it was […]


  Took this yesterday driving through the park – well I stopped to take it. The sky was amazing.  Not long after this I saw some scary lightening. [ viagra facts | canada viagra | buying viagra | buy generic viagra india rx | purchasing cialis | cialis canadian pharmacy | free viagra | over […]