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Blind Light

Just made it to the Anthony Gormley show at the Hayward before it closed. Went with C and we both panicked at the same time in the Blind Light installation, when we were trying to get out and realized we weren’t where we thought we were. Imagine a closed space with only one exit – bright wet, hard to breath in, mist that only allows you to see about a foot in front of you. I think it was OK to panic.


Apologies again for the lack of posts – lots of them floating around, but still having head problems so not using the computer or my mobile much – but whatever it is does seem to be getting better so hopefully I’ll be back to normal posting soon.

Dogma all the same

I just watched Richard Dwarkin’s Enemies of Reason on Channel 4. I’ve wanted to write for a while about the group of doctors and scientists who are trying to stop the NHS from funding homeopathy and especially the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital. The Hospital was recently refurbished as Dwarkin showed in the programme, partly with NHS support – it is now a beautiful space, wooden floors and all – other hospitals could learn a lot.

The campaign to stop funding is a serious one with many Trusts either stopping or cutting support. The Hospital has already lost four floors of it’s building to Great Ormond Street Hospital, permanently changing the atmosphere within the building from what was an amazing sanctuary of calm in the middle of London, into a ‘stressed’ environment of any other hospital and I can only think that greedily, they would like the rest of this now beautifully refurbished building, that has been a homeopathic hospital for over 100 years.

In fact it’s interesting that a number of the doctors who oppose the funding, work within the same trust as the Hospital (University College London Hospitals). The Hospital joined the trust in 2002, and although ‘the merger was supposed to enable closer collaboration between complementary therapies and conventional medicine’, it has taken just five years to shrink it to a fraction of it’s former size and leave it facing permanent closure.

Dwarkin gave a quote that anyone who said they could understand quantum physics probably didn’t understand it –but for homeopathy it can only be legitimate if we can totally understand it. It’s strange then that so many of his peers seem to think otherwise (all those practising at the Hospital are trained doctors) and a real shame that this group is so actively giving NHS funding bodies an excuse to stop funding this amazing place which helps thousands of people every year – people who have often found little help from ‘scientific medicine’ – placebo or not, if it works and it does, surely that’s a good thing? If as he says we spend £1.6 billion a year on ‘alternative’ remedies, perhaps we do not mind and even support that the NHS helps to fund some of them.

Help yourself


A helping hand

A lovely party at C’s on Saturday evening, although if I’d have been in New York, I could have been watching a film on a rooftop – thanks to the other C, not that I was going to be in NY – she was just saying.

These flowers were lovely, but they were falling down and C went and sat on them – sort of – so J found a prop.

L and I discussed teeth and Ortho’s – she’s the only other person in London I know with braces and we are going to the same Ortho – completely by chance.

Cracking up

Excuses excuses, but I’m still getting headaches and the buzzyness, which don’t make for being able to think straight or wanting to look at a computer screen. All very frustrating and I am going back to the doctor this week.

So playing catch up, what not to do with a migraine:

Go to a gig – I saw Laura Viers at Bush Hall – acoustic, which was appreciated.

Spend the afternoon out in the blazing sunshine – at the Innocent Fete in Regents Park – luckily there was some wonderful shade. It was ticketed this year so it wouldn’t be crowded, but it still felt crowded. We decided that what was needed was a trip to a proper English fete.

Waiting for hours at the Western Eye Hospital to get my eyes checked out.

Travelling on tubes and trains.

What was actually really good was going for walks in the park.

Head down

So I have been very quiet I know. I somehow managed to take an everlasting migraine pill* and got completely freaked, because it just wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t do anything including looking at a computer screen. It has finally gone, but seems to keep threatening to come back and it’s left me with new floaters (grey bits floating around in my eyes), which I have had before after a migraine and a bit of tinnitus (a buzzyness in my ears), which is new. Not sure why, could be connected to the osteopath, could be hormones, could be all the iron pills**, could be the braces… whatever, I really don’t want it to come back.

* I am reading Harry Potter – had a bit of catching up to do and now on the sixth book.

** Even though the doctor’s answer was to take more iron pills, I decided with a little nudge from S, to be contrary and stop taking them altogether. I need to find a friendlier way to get my iron. Also, found out that both The Aunt and a grandmother suffered from anaemia – genes hey.