Month: January 2008

A car

I seem to have a car… S and I went to test drive it this morning – both of us thinking something was bound to be wrong.  For a few minutes I thought I heard a guy say the car wasn’t there yet, but it was and was actually in the condition I was told […]

Looking good

I rang the car salesman this morning, just to make sure it was OK to get excited about the car…. [ sildenafil citrate soft tabs | viagra injectable | viagra seizures | p2 pharmacy uk | cialis blood thinner | viagra samples | woman testimonial of cialis | where did viagra come from | viagra […]

Tax thing

Yippy! I hit the send button on my tax return… managed it a little earlier this year… Nothing like being stuck without a car for making me sit down to finish it. [ cialis philippines | cheapest prices for viagra | viagra patent | viagra forums | cialis professional | 5 mg cialis | cialis […]

All change

S and I said goodbye to the car today. Clearing it out we found a bag of change that must have been there all this time, so we saw Charlie Wilson’s War on my Dad. And amazing how things work out… there was this car I thought I’d bought just after the holidays and then […]

In the rain

I waited 50 minutes for my local bus yesterday…. yes, five zero minutes, it needs repeating… [ viagra viagra nude | viagra the little blue pill | viagra dosage | getting cialis from canada | united healthcare viagra | viagra soft tabs 100 mg | buy cheap viagra | picture viagra pill | cheap generic […]


My car needs a new radiator and as it’s going to cost more than the car is worth, I decided with some encouragement from S, to call it a day. [ usa cialis | female viagra | selling viagra | levitra versus viagra | buy real viagra without prescription | generic viagra in canada | […]

Jewish Book Week

This years Jewish Book Week sessions that I’m looking forward to and some, especially The Lost and In Search of Happiness I’ve been waiting for… Spinoza and Secular Jewish Culture The Lost: A Search for Six out of Six Million The Clothes on Their Backs Great Writers of the 20th Century: Isaiah Berlin In Search […]


That my car broke down, but I missed the congestion zone by two roads… something anyway. [ how much cialis | vgx-viagra | indian cialis | cialis from mexico | cialis next day delivery | vigorex forte | viagra chemical structure | how much is viagra | buy cialis viagra | levitra versus cialis | […]

Facebook / Big Brother

I’ve had two people email me about this article today. [ cheapest cialis overnight delivery | is pfizer viagra available in india | cialis buy | viagra tablets sale | viagra order canada | viagra without prescription | viagra in mexico | free sample offers in canada | viagra scotland | lowest cost generic viagra […]

Guardian Vouchers

The Guardian are offering a months worth of vouchers – go to – offer ends January 31. [ bruising on cialis | viagra benefits side effects | viagra info | cialis express delivery | is pfizer viagra available in india | low cost viagra | when do i take viagra | viagra best buy […]