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Really, why bother?

Just watched the Oscars.  Only a small glimpse of Jack in his seat.  Maybe two jokes from John Stewart.  No Best Foreign Film, Cinematography, Special Effects, Make-up, Short, Documentary…  Sky, please, please, if you can’t be bothered to show it, let another channel have the rights.  Please! For next year. It’s a small thing to ask.

Billing the environment

Orange have started charging for itemized billing… I’ve always been impressed by the fact that they didn’t charge, it’s even been one of the reasons for sticking with them. It’s a small thing, but small things count. Anyway so this guy tried to tell me the reason they were charging was to save the environment… Well I kinda lost my top, because if they were really doing things to ‘save the environment’ I’d be happy, but he was telling me this, whilst I was holding my crisp white paper bill, with it’s pointless top page, which in turn had come out of a similarly crisp white envelope. And I’m carrying around my new mobile phone, which their policy encouraged me to buy when my old one still works, whose packaging, with it’s numerous plastic bags (even small ones count) is still hanging around the house. So I lost my top because I want these companies to start doing things environmentally and when they have a consistent policy I’ll be happy, but if they are going to use the ‘environment argument’ as an excuse to make more money out of me, I’m going to be angry.

The house is a shaking

I felt the earthquake… did you?

Over here

Banana Republic’s new London store opens March 20th on Regents Street. Start saving?  Last time I was in the States I thought it was a bit over priced – for a Gap store you know what I mean.  Still they had some lovely things, a bag I fell in love with, but even after checking it out in a zillion stores, I resisted, because as I say it was just that bit pricey for what it was.  So I’m curious if you just did a straight swap $’s for £’s, which is what so often seems to happen, it’s going to be expensive.

A walk by the river


sounds good

This just got a great review on Late Review.

A sane view

The writer Emma Forrest on Britney and depression.

Culture Vulture?

So how cultured are you really?  I got 9 out of 10, but some guessing was involved.


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