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Easter Hunting

Lovely lunch and afternoon in South London. We hid 200 or so eggs. Great fun had by all… even in the cold.


March for Tibet – tomorrow in London.

In the weather

I rang up A yesterday who was brave and or mad enough to come with Sandy and I out for a walk in the rain and the wind, we all got soaked, but it was glorious…

International Womens Day

I’m feeling rather proud. I managed to complete my first march… from beginning to end in the actual crowd, not off on the sidelines somewhere, leaving before the end, or only arriving after it’s finished – all things I’ve done in the past. I have a problem with marches they make me feel uncomfortable, I think it was passed down to me through my mothers milk. So true to form when the march started I had this almost overwhelming sensation to ‘get the hell out of there’, but as I said I stood my ground, it helped that the atmosphere couldn’t have been more friendly. Hearing the first car that slowed down to honk in support had a real feel good factor feeling – as did the woman watching us go by clapping. What was sad though was the poultry paltry numbers that turned up, we certainly weren’t a million women rising, we weren’t even close to the expected twenty thousand.

As a side point it was great to be able to walk along Park Lane and Piccadilly in the road – much better to see all those incredible buildings. And the best was Hyde Park Corner.

Apple Air

I was trying to be all cool the other day and post from the Apple store, whilst having my first go on a new MacBook Air, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember how to log on here. That’s what happens when everything is automated, as soon as I’m not on my own computer, it’s all a mystery. The Air was incredibly light…