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Can you believe they still have tickets!

Email from a friend about what to bring:

Hi Melissa

Mat for sleeping on (the newish self-inflating type are quite good)_
Warm sleeping bag
Easy to carry camping chair (important when muddy)
Waterproof cape
Sun hat
Sun lotion

This needs to be carried/ pulled along for a long way and over
Rough/muddy terrain
Rucksack? Load it on a small Trolley?

It’s the “pulled for a long way” that is slightly worrying me… bad back and all. Anyone have a helicopter?

Preparing for the mud

I got tickets… it’s a bit of an anti-climax because after the mornings excitement – they still have tickets now at 7pm? Obviously, its lost a bit of its gloss. And not only did we get tickets, we seem to have double booked ourselves… amazingly enough whilst I was getting through on the phone, a friend of a friend of a friend, was getting tickets online. OK, so worst scenario is they cancel both sets, but I rang and they assured me they’d only cancel one – but I might ring again to double check before I get too excited.

One of many

Trying to get Glastonbury tickets…

Voucher: and another thing

A couple of weeks to make use of this one – 2 for 1 at Giraffe [via]

Voucher Time

Go here for some good deals, although watch out, quite a lot are out of date… but if they weren’t they’d be good.