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Magic Path

The park is looking lovely…. all afternoon tea colours… orange, pink and yellow.

What’s been going on

Thinking about blogging, but as you can see not blogging.

A gave me a tent and new wellies for Glasto

Saw The Last Days of Judas Iscariot – a bit disappointing – a lot of loud banging.

Head / ear / sinuses still up the spout.

Reading Jpod by Douglas Copeland – very funny

I am about to go out & buy a Dyson.

Lots of friends have parents who are unwell and it’s been on my mind a lot.

Have been making the most of a three month free voucher for Lovefilm – am very impressed with the way it works… although not so impressed with my choice of films.

Being lazy.

Working a lot.

Listening to too much Radio Four.

Seeing old friends.

Not seeing old friends.

Wearing wedges.