Month: July 2008

Braces: we have lift off

I know I’ve not written about the braces for ages, so you might have thought they were off, but no, they were very much still on – it’s been a long stint. I couldn’t write during my head thing, and then I went through a strange phase where they looked wonky, well my whole mouth […]


A Year of Magical Thinking, Vanessa redgrave as good on stage as expected, but something oddly unemotional about the writing. [ cialis soft tabs 100 mg | counterfeit viagra | buy viagra mexico | viagra discussion | low cost viagra | is viagra safe for women | cialis overnight | imitation viagra | professional cialis […]

Glastonbury 2008

How bloody brilliant! By the second day all I could think, was why hadn’t I been before. Friday: Kate Nash (just because it was early and easy), KT Tunstall (so made up for the gig at the Roundhouse), The Feeling (somewhere in the background), some Circus (to see M), Sinead O’Connor (impressed M by getting […]

Berlin Again

Ok this is me trying to catch up big time. Berlin, my second (recent ish) trip was as L is saying over on Facebook about cake. A Sacha Torte, a Praline Torte and a Apfelstrudel to be exact. The last being the pièce de résistance. I met an old classmate as well as L and […]