Month: August 2008

Oi Va Voi

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Holiday quotes

Sarah (aged 4): “I’m going to zoom in”. Translation: running to something, getting back to the house quickly, generally a fast movement. Anna (mother): “John, that’s n a u g h t y”. Translation: John stop messing around, teasing your sister, teasing your mother/father, generally being a six year old. [ brand viagra | non […]

On the wild side

Another Glastonbury photo. [ does herbal viagra really work | buy levitra viagra | best natural viagra | cialis online sales | ordering cialis gel | cheap viagra online | buy cialis | truth about cialis | brand viagra over the net | buying viagra with no prescription | buy cialis canada | generic viagra […]

Glastonbury 2008

When we were waiting for the show to start… [ buying viagra in canada | sildenafil plant | viagra discount | cheapest online viagra | order usa viagra online | natural viagra substitutes | cialis price in canada | canada cheap viagra | get viagra avoid prescription | viagra on line | overnight canadian viagra […]

Paris in the ring

I should be filling you in on my holiday, but couldn’t resist posting Paris’s response to McCain’s insult. Watch out for the cheeky newscaster at the end. You couldn’t get that here could you. [ buy prescription viagra | buy viagra woman | brand name cialis overnight | woman and cialis | canada viagra pharmacies […]