Month: October 2008

Happy Halloween

Went out trick or treating with J and S… [ getting cialis from canada | cialis trazodone | brand buy from name usa viagra | ladies viagra | cheap generic viagra | viagra doses | viagra online uk | wholesale generic viagra in canada | cheapest generic viagra | viagra england | viagra online deals […]

Go see your grandparents

Sarah Silverman doing her thing again… The Great Schlep. [ female version viagra | 100mg viagra | viagra cheap canada | cialis soft tabs 100 mg | chip cialis | generic viagra uk supplies | cheap quality viagra | herbal alternatives to viagra | citrate salt of sildenafil | cialis and ketoconazole | usa cialis […]


Just had a lovely day. Saw Agnes Varda’s Plages d’Agnes – a very eccentric, poetic and funny documentary about her life (if a little too long).  The only film I’ve seen at the festival this year. Then this evening went to hear Toni Morrison talk about her new book A Mercy and American politics – how […]


Hi I think I’m going to try and update things a bit.  I’ve put a link in to my photos, which isn’t quite working right now… I’ll come back to it. [ generic viagra canadian | overnight viagra | usa cialis | viagra produced in mexico | alternative drug new viagra | adviser finance order […]

Ethical Issues

Just came back from the Photographer’s – she had forgotten I don’t (didn’t) eat meat – so last night for dinner I had two organic sausages… I’m not quite sure how I feel about this, I’m a little shocked.  I haven’t eaten meat for a very long time.  Normally, I would of course have just […]

Little eyes

Went for a lovely, if windy walk on Box Hill, at the weekend – I don’t think I’ve been there since I was a kid.  Sarah looked out at the view and said we could see the whole world. [ pharmacie canadian viagra | buy real viagra online | generic viagra ok | buy cialis […]

Juice Point

These are new I think… first time I’ve noticed them anyway. The future perhaps? [ viagra dosages | herbal viagra uk | get viagra avoid prescription | 5 mg original brand cialis | herbal viagra reviews | buying cialis online | generic viagra lowest prices | indian viagra | buy generic viagra | online generic […]

Did I really just do this?

I just ordered a memory card… in the hope… and even a memory card reader… [ cheap canadian viagra | suppliers of viagra in uk | indian viagra | how long does viagra last | cialis canada | lowest pill price viagra | how to make viagra | real cialis online | cialis quick shipment […]

Glastonbury 2009

Spent the morning trying to get Glastonbury tickets… all a bit strange seeing as it’s so early (a bit of a cheek really), but it’s good to have them. I just checked now and you can get straight onto the website, now all the rush is over.  [ viagra usage | cialis generic | buy […]

Camera Lust

I am totally lusting after the new Nikon D90 – it might finally be the one. [ ladies viagra | buy viagra prescription online | viagra canada generic | how strong is 5 mg of cialis | buying viagra in the us | pfizer viagra 50 mg | how much cialis | buy viagra online […]