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Not moving

I am now living in the Apple Store. I’ve just noticed the loos.

They are having an online sale on Friday.

So cute

This guy has bought his dog into the Apple Store and the dog has gone to sleep on his jacket.


It’s been a while, but I just had a Ortho appointment, so as I’m here I thought I’d report back… I had these retainers and all was going well.  Then I had the wires fitted and had to have new retainers (to fit over them) and they weren’t so good.  Something bad was happening to my bite.  So a trip to the Ortho and he cut some of the bottom retainer away – a bit retro, but it worked, but not enough.  So finally today, I went back and I’m going to get a “big retainer” to replace the bottom one – I have no idea what this is, but it’s apparently big.

And as an afterthought I asked if he could do something about the bit of wire my tongue was having a thing with… feels so much better.


Yesterday walking out at the end of the day – me:  thermals head to toe, knee length wool socks, trousers, two long sleeve tops, wool tank top (do people still use that name?), cashmere polo neck, snowperson jacket, hat and gloves and wool boots. Person in front of me: jeans, t-shirt…

Explaining the lack of posts

I have no internet at home*… trying to figure out which provider to go for.  I really think all these 18 month contracts aren’t on.  Anyone else agree?

* this post is brought to you courtesy of an Apple store.

Name craze

Kenyans are calling their babies after the American first family.


OK, they called Ohio – I’m off to bed… Although I might just turn the radio on.

Nikon by Canon


I finally did it – I bought a new camera. Quietly excited, but have a lot to learn. This is my old Nikon that needs to go in for repair. It’s traveled everywhere with me for umpteen years.

ps. J, Amazon were right about the Canon.