Snow time

Snow time

Sandy in the snow Did you have fun in the snow?  Sandy and I did.  We went for long walks – it’s all about having the right footwear.  I found an old pair of moon boots that just about lasted for the few days they were needed.  They were so old the plastic started to disintegrate the moment they came into contact with the snow.  Sunday evening – before I found them – we went out, it was just us and a German family admiring the beauty of it all.  Sandy was trotting along and her back legs slid from under her, I told her to be careful (I know, I know) and then down I went… laughing.  What I loved most was the quiet, not just no cars, but no planes and that neighbours were walking about and people were saying hello to each other.

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  1. Judy

    On the Monday the parks were full of happy people and excited dogs thinking they were puppies. Happy because of the light that snow gives as well as the extra day off work.
    Lovely photos…

  2. Sandy thought she was a puppy!

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