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Last chance Glastonbury 09

Just in case you thought you had missed your chance:

A second release of a limited number of tickets will be available from 9am on Sunday 5th April 2009, although in order to do so you must have registered before Tuesday 31st March to be eligible to buy a ticket.

Clashing colours

Getting on

Took Sandy for a walk at the weekend and she fell, tripped, I didn’t see, down a ditch… poor thing got stuck and was shaking.  Seems OK now, but one of her back legs seems to be weaker than the other one.



Lovely walk with D at the weekend along the river.  Sandy had fun in the water.

Yesterday painted walls with Sarah – didn’t take my camera – silly me.

A tweet on Twitter

You may have noticed that I’ve been twittering [move eyes to right].  I’m amazed at how many people are suddenly using twitter, actually how many ‘famous’ people who you would think had better things to do.  Mr and Mrs Ross are there, Mr and Mrs Demi Moore, I’ve just discovered John Cleese, Stephen Fry is Mr. Twitter, and Russell Brand is doing his thing etc etc.  I’m thinking around ‘our’ cult of celebrity and I’m thinking if anything is going to normalize our image of famous people it’s got to be reading their tweets.

Footnote:  Last week I got an email from my MP saying that she had “launched an online service which will give you an inside view of what I’m up to on a day to day basis”.  If she’s doing it herself then she ought to be doing something else and if she isn’t then really it’s not in the spirit of twitter – me thinks the folks at have something to answer for.

I’ve been sniffed

Walked into the tube station reading (haven’t done that in a while) and this lovely Labrador comes up to me and sniffs me and I think how sweet and then I think it’s owner should really keep the lead a bit shorter and then it’s ‘owner’ tells me to move on, which I think is a bit forward.  Book down – I realize it’s a police dog and I’m being sniffed for drugs, explosives, who knows… just curious was it smelling Sandy or something else?


Strong matriarch or patriarch to sort out family.  Reasonable rates paid.  Please respond ASAP.