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Buried this poor bird today. Found it on the driveway this morning, it was perfect, like it just fell out of the sky, which is what it must have done.


Finally decided to see what all the fuss is about… Susan Boyle… can’t believe how many millions have been watching.  Interesting how no matter what we know, we still judge on looks.  And interesting to see the makeover… the first of many?

The kindness of friends

A Lovely Day

Thanks to everyone for making the day so wonderful. Lovely to see you all. And what weather… my first day in sandals… Good company, good food, and champagne – perfect.

The Niece

Jumping out of a plane…. her own idea of a rite of passage… very brave.

EU Elections

Today is the last day to register for voting at the June 4th elections… get to it.

Too much networking

I’m discovering it’s hard to blog, at the same time as Twitter. And I have been being a bit of a Twit recently.

Mia Farrow hunger strike for Darfur

I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem the best action.

UPDATE: Richard Branson has taken over the fast.  A chain of people fasting would be a whole other thing and might actually make a difference.  Interesting to see what happens.  Just read that Sudan has invited Aid agencies back into the area.

Darfur Fast for Life

For info on Dafur.

Only from somewhere in America

It’s an expenses thing

The Guardian has done a spreadsheet so you can check what your MP has been claiming.

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