Month: June 2009

Glastonbury 2009

Heard Michael Jackson was dead from a security guard at the gate to Trash City. Still haven’t quite processed it yet… Read that Farrah Fawcett had died in the Guardian tent the next day.  RIP. This year Neil Young was the man, he sure can play the guitar. Bruce Springsteen was not far behind though, […]

Twitter power

The good people on Twitter and Facebook today skewed the Daily Mail poll which unbelievably asked, “Should the NHS allow gipsies to jump the queue?”  The poll was removed at 93% Yes vs. 7% No.  It actually makes quite a good game – vote the opposite to how the question leads you. [ cialis samples […]

Weather – crossing fingers

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And one more thing

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c Looking for Comity in the Muslim World Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Economic Crisis [ search herbal viagra | viagra for sale in gibralter | online cheap viagra | 5 mg original brand cialis | history of viagra | swiss oats […]


Went to a talk yesterday where this video was mentioned.  I don’t know what’s more shocking the ignorance, the hate or the underlying fear.  And the guy at the end who invokes the Holocaust, almost boasting, that his grandmother was an Auschwitz survivor is the most disturbing. The filmmaker responds to criticism. [ discount viagra […]

Obama’s Cairo speech – it’s just under an hour – it’s worth listening to. [ female equivalent of viagra | viagra original pfizer order | which is better viagra or cialis | viagra collection service | viagra with no prescription | viagra non prescription drug | how to get cialis in canada | viagra cialis […]


Anthropologie Opens in London – the American shop owned by Urban Outfitters (I didn’t know that until just now) is opening two new stores in London.  I’m not a big fan – but might be interesting.  And T liked the store in New York. [ uk pharmacies cheap viagra | cialis once daily | uk […]