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Great fun having a sing a long last night with the Indigo Girls… they didn’t actually need to be there for some songs. A band would have been good. Recession? Still was good fun.

And I got the very last stalls ticket for Nancy Griffith next year… more nostalgia. Been waiting to see her at a smaller venue (not the Albert Hall) for years.


the Art type. Art not so hot – people watching great fun. Some amazing outfits and labels being worn. So many Macs and only two PCs spotted. Oh and lots of white iphones.



Apologies to anyone who looked at the site whilst it was being hacked by a Russian p**n site… Teach me to update the behind the scenes more often.  It freaked me out so much I had to get rid of it… so stayed up until about 3.00am sorting it out.  I think I was actually very lucky that I seem to have got back the whole blog.  So another lesson learned – BACKUP… said so often, but so easy to become complacent.

Glastonbury 2010

40th anniversary year….