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Hannah Peschar Garden

Hannah Peschar Garden
Went here with D at the end of October – it’s one of those secret places that you can’t believe exists.

The power of pink

Article on the Pinkstinks campaign – The power of pink | From the Guardian


I went to the Early Learning Centre last week to buy a present – some stacking cups for my Baby Niece.  I was shocked that they no longer came in one option, but three.  There were pink ones with a baby girl on the packaging, blue ones with a baby boy on the packaging and then more general mixed ones also with only a baby boy on the packaging.  I couldn’t believe that I was being “made” to buy pink stacking cups, it’s a bit much of the marketing people to get one year old’s into gender specific toys – it’s like we have zoomed backwards…  I looked around the shop and realized the whole shop was divided into pink and blue – ELC – what on earth is going on?

A new group called pinkstinks launched a campaign today against the Early Learning Centre and their gender specific toys.