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Local activist week: lots of emails, fliers, and rally in Richmond Park. Even had to speak to a journalist, but that was about something completely different.

This time tomorrow…

iLove: Meet the Apple addicts.  Get ready for a lot of Apple talk… what will it be?

CEO Steve Jobs indicated that investors should expect a significant event. “The new products we are planning to release this year are very strong, starting this week with a major new product that we’re really excited about,” Mr Jobs said in a statement.


Another year – done! Happy, relieved…

Layers of whiteness

Was very surprised to wake up to a new layer of whiteness this morning.  I have been enjoying it; the snow makes me smile.  Wish though I had the right footwear, my already disintegrating ’80’s moon boots are barely holding together, although they are still much better than wellies, which are absolutely freezing no matter how many pairs of socks you have on.  Haven’t been writing the blog that much, possibly because the stuff I really want to write about is too complicated and might be stuff I’d regret at some point.  About people being in denial, pretending, disillusionment, disappointment, bullies – just a bit of lightweight stuff then.  It’s interesting the effect of a bully on those around, what power perfectly normal and strong people allow them.  I have just gone back to reading My Dearest Enemy, My Dangerous Friend: Making and Breaking Sibling Bonds, a fascinating look at family dynamics.  I highly recommend it.  So… Back to the snow then…

?(should be something in Japanese) cafe

Japanese Prime Minister starts a blog.  Shame there’s no English version.

Wi-Fi can be stopped by chicken wire

Wi-Fi won’t travel through your house? It might be the wire in the walls. Sounds good to me. Where can I buy me some chicken wire?

Apple Tablet Rumors

Apple Tablet Rumors: The Ultimate Guide To ‘iTablet’ Talk (PICTURES).  New Years eve conversation… we did get talked over…


Just upgraded automatically – took less that 30 seconds – far too easy!

Oh, and by the way Happy New Year! Lets all have a good one.