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Belgian Dark Chocolate Dipped Ginger Snaps

Lazy days Food – Belgian Dark Chocolate Dipped Ginger Snaps. These are my new gluten free biscuit discovery… melt the chocolate a little and they are to die for… to make it easier Waitrose are selling them (and a little cheaper too, although they are still rather pricey).

Glastonbury Festivals – vote: Should flags be banned from Glastonbury?

Glastonbury Festivals – News – Last chance to vote: Should flags be banned from Glastonbury?.  Please vote against flags – they are wonderful – but last very there were so many of them and some were so big, they blocked the view of the stage…. closes at 3pm today – so hurry up!

The passing of time

Just saw Nanci Griffith at Shepherds Bush -I just kept looking around and smiling – I have been waiting to see her there for years and years.  Was a fantastic gig – apart from the ending, which was odd-too many songs that she didn’t write – Nanci we love your songs!

I first saw her whilst I was at uni and unexpectedly that same group that went to see her all those years ago was nearly all there. One person I wasn’t expecting, a very good ex friend.  A bitter sweet meeting.  So many good memories and much hurt. Probably lots of misunderstandings.