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A History of the World: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone. One of my favorite objects, listen to a history about it.

join diaspora

join diaspora. Watch out Facebook and your 50 separate privacy settings and 170 options trying to confuse us.

The Spencer Tracy of Broadcasting

Here’s to David Dumbledore, the wise and wizardy hero of the election – Times Online.


There was a queue when we arrived, but by the time I’d finished it had gone. I still get a kick out of voting and even got nervous as I turned the corner and saw the polling stations. I had a bit of a panic voting for the local people, rather hard when you don’t know who everyone is – I should have known. Sandy and I walked and she met a fan as we were queuing. All very sociable.

Iron Deficient Anaemia

BBC iPlayer – Case Notes: Iron Deficient Anaemia.