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Moore, originally uploaded by Frizzworld. Hatfield House. [ oral viagra | derph generic tablet viagra | where to get viagra | cialis soft | viagra on line canadian pharmacy | buy real viagra | where to get viagra cheap | types of viagra | viagra dosage | viagra fun | price check 50mg viagra | […]

Hannah Peschar Garden

Went here with D at the end of October – it’s one of those secret places that you can’t believe exists. [ cream female viagra vigorelle | p2 pharmacy uk | name brand cialis | should i chew cialis | viagra canadian | lowest cost generic viagra | research on viagra | imitation viagra | […]

Chord Project

This was a while ago now, but life took over for a bit. Went to see this art project which was in the depths of an old tram underground station. The Art wasn’t so interesting, but the underground station and tunnel were fascinating – never thought about them still existing. [ viagra generic | pfizer […]


the Art type. Art not so hot – people watching great fun. Some amazing outfits and labels being worn. So many Macs and only two PCs spotted. Oh and lots of white iphones. [ how much is cialis in canada | buy viagra pill | sildenafil citrate 50mg | generic drug for viagra | buy […]

One & Other

Watching One & Other – in a moment of weakness I applied to go on the fourth Plinth… here’s hoping I don’t get picked!  I think you have to have something to do, at the least a book to read.  At the moment I’m watching someone with nothing to do, it’s quite interesting watching, but […]


Went to the Mark Rothko exhibition at Tate Modern on Saturday – an absolutely wonderful exhibition. Especially the room with the Seagram Murals, they are breathtaking… you have to be prepared to sit with them though… don’t go rushing around. D and I stayed until we got kicked out, there were only a few of […]

Culture Vulture?

So how cultured are you really?  I got 9 out of 10, but some guessing was involved. [ price cialis | cialis india | viagra stamina | viagra buy in uk online | levitra vs viagra | buying cialis | purchase sildenafil citrate | viagra on line | buy levitra online viagra | brand viagra […]

Blind Light

Just made it to the Anthony Gormley show at the Hayward before it closed. Went with C and we both panicked at the same time in the Blind Light installation, when we were trying to get out and realized we weren’t where we thought we were. Imagine a closed space with only one exit – […]

Tate Time 2

I took part in a performance piece on Saturday at Tate Modern “Did you ever want to be someone else?” and this is me with the face of artist Mathieu Briand… I know, I look hideous and scary and just horrible. It was a laugh though, we did the performance in the turbine hall mingling […]