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I’m sure I was there…

Glastonbury 2011

Glastonbury 2011, originally uploaded by Frizzworld.

Glastonbury Festivals – vote: Should flags be banned from Glastonbury?

Glastonbury Festivals – News – Last chance to vote: Should flags be banned from Glastonbury?.  Please vote against flags – they are wonderful – but last very there were so many of them and some were so big, they blocked the view of the stage…. closes at 3pm today – so hurry up!


Local activist week: lots of emails, fliers, and rally in Richmond Park. Even had to speak to a journalist, but that was about something completely different.


the Art type. Art not so hot – people watching great fun. Some amazing outfits and labels being worn. So many Macs and only two PCs spotted. Oh and lots of white iphones.

Glastonbury 2010

40th anniversary year….

One & Other

Watching One & Other – in a moment of weakness I applied to go on the fourth Plinth… here’s hoping I don’t get picked!  I think you have to have something to do, at the least a book to read.  At the moment I’m watching someone with nothing to do, it’s quite interesting watching, but it doesn’t look much fun for her.

Glastonbury 2009

Heard Michael Jackson was dead from a security guard at the gate to Trash City. Still haven’t quite processed it yet… Read that Farrah Fawcett had died in the Guardian tent the next day.  RIP.
This year Neil Young was the man, he sure can play the guitar. Bruce Springsteen was not far behind though, was I really standing up for two and a half hours – please don’t stop (I’m just watching it on the BBC website F**ck I was really there). Lilly Allen was better than I’d expected, but N.E.R.D didn’t get the Glastonbury spirit. Fleet Foxes got a bit lost on the stage. Lady Gaga was Madonna circa her erotica phrase and added lashings of glamour.   Tinariwen provided a gentle start to Saturday.  Rusko in the Glade was for dancing and passive smoking (LOL). Walked past as Peter Doherty was playing and had to stop and listen, he was rather good.  Kasabian have a great fan base, but the set got a little boring.  Status Quo from the hill whilst we were packing up and on the long walk to the car. I discovered the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bat for Lashes, Bon Iver, Crosby Stills and Nash (OK, I’m a little late there).  I missed Tom Jones whilst sitting on a composting toilet – it was worth it.  Managed to squeeze through the crowd to see the last part of Nick Cave and liked it. Sang along to Blur and watched as Damon Albarn cried on stage.
Pet peeves: those bloody flags, there were so many of them this year and OK they look good, but they are really annoying.  I love Sausage… Please Glastonbury no flags next year. People talking during the acts, why is this OK? What are you doing there, if you don’t want to listen… Please just shut up and listen… The walk from the car to the site, it’s got to be done, but it’s a killer.
Favourites: the Guardian tent – can I take it home please?  Steiner School Cafe’s homemade cakes – I’ll take them home too! Best not. Leon’s fresh food. The mud, theres got to be a little mud. The atmosphere, and oh yes did I say the atmosphere, why can’t the rest of the world be one big Glastonbury?
Saw a few small acts too:  Abi Hercules was interesting. The Memory Band singer has a great voice. And another band I didn’t write the name now correctly, which sent us all to sleep in a very charming way.
PS. Registration for Glastonbury 2010 is already open, what are you waiting for?

Weather – crossing fingers


Festival summer

Fancy coming along to Latitude?  I’m crossing fingers for good weather… I’ve been assured that it’s mud-less.

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