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Layers of whiteness

Was very surprised to wake up to a new layer of whiteness this morning.  I have been enjoying it; the snow makes me smile.  Wish though I had the right footwear, my already disintegrating ’80’s moon boots are barely holding together, although they are still much better than wellies, which are absolutely freezing no matter […]

Why haven’t you called???

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T’s mince pies

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Historical ties

I’ve just found out that I have an ancestor who in 1609 was burnt at the stake by the Portuguese Inquisition. I think that might be more information than I wanted or needed to know. [ original use of viagra | soft gel viagra tablets | cialis okay for women | viagra rx in canada […]

Answers and questions

Well, we spoke for ages and the new, ‘new cousin’ seems very nice and really she didn’t know anything about us. I admit it, I have an odd family. It was one of those conversations where an answer would lead to another question. Not only didn’t she know about us, but she didn’t know about […]

An eBay thing

Hi N – Big R’s eBay name is rosetree-1 – I’ve only managed to put one thing up so far, but I have a growing pile to add. The stuff, sorry antiques, are going to vary, but there is an amazing vase I’m going to put on soon, I’m just having trouble taking a good […]

Buy buy buy

I’ve just signed Big R up to eBay so we can start selling some of her stuff – now that I’ve got the camera and can take decent photos. This is ‘stuff’ I usually describe as antiques posing as junk or the other way round I can’t remember which, either way there is too much […]


It was the anniversary of my father’s death today. I spent the day feeling very unsettled, but at least I knew why. On my way home from town, I took a detour at Vauxhall, walked over to the bridge and spent a few moments by the Thames, missing my Dad. [ viagra 50 mg | […]

Wedding Days

Well I´m finally sitting down to update the site, having just arrived in Quito. I had a mad two weeks of rushing around getting everything ready for my trip and missed saying goodbye to loads of people. The weddings went really well. There was a slight misunderstanding in London involving a box of confetti, a […]