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Layers of whiteness

Was very surprised to wake up to a new layer of whiteness this morning.  I have been enjoying it; the snow makes me smile.  Wish though I had the right footwear, my already disintegrating ’80’s moon boots are barely holding together, although they are still much better than wellies, which are absolutely freezing no matter how many pairs of socks you have on.  Haven’t been writing the blog that much, possibly because the stuff I really want to write about is too complicated and might be stuff I’d regret at some point.  About people being in denial, pretending, disillusionment, disappointment, bullies – just a bit of lightweight stuff then.  It’s interesting the effect of a bully on those around, what power perfectly normal and strong people allow them.  I have just gone back to reading My Dearest Enemy, My Dangerous Friend: Making and Breaking Sibling Bonds, a fascinating look at family dynamics.  I highly recommend it.  So… Back to the snow then…

Why haven’t you called???

T’s mince pies

I’ve eaten so much….

Historical ties

I’ve just found out that I have an ancestor who in 1609 was burnt at the stake by the Portuguese Inquisition. I think that might be more information than I wanted or needed to know.

Answers and questions

Well, we spoke for ages and the new, ‘new cousin’ seems very nice and really she didn’t know anything about us. I admit it, I have an odd family. It was one of those conversations where an answer would lead to another question. Not only didn’t she know about us, but she didn’t know about various ancestors who at the very least, because for one reason or another they are quite interesting, I thought she would have known about. Her story regarding the black sheep being sent to America is completely the other way around – that he saved his pocket money and ran away…. first to London, where he worked to save the passage for America. It’s all very intriguing, although my aunt is adamant that my grandfather put him on the boat! I couldn’t understand as we had all had contact with the genealogist, how we hadn’t known about each other, but the genealogist hadn’t thought to give us the further generations – I guess he thought we already knew of each other, a fair assumption to have made. A said if it was her she’d be tempted to get on a plane and I am.

An eBay thing

Hi N – Big R’s eBay name is rosetree-1 – I’ve only managed to put one thing up so far, but I have a growing pile to add. The stuff, sorry antiques, are going to vary, but there is an amazing vase I’m going to put on soon, I’m just having trouble taking a good picture.

Buy buy buy

I’ve just signed Big R up to eBay so we can start selling some of her stuff – now that I’ve got the camera and can take decent photos. This is ‘stuff’ I usually describe as antiques posing as junk or the other way round I can’t remember which, either way there is too much of it and it needs to go – so please go buy some junk antiques on eBay.


It was the anniversary of my father’s death today. I spent the day feeling very unsettled, but at least I knew why. On my way home from town, I took a detour at Vauxhall, walked over to the bridge and spent a few moments by the Thames, missing my Dad.

Wedding Days

Well I´m finally sitting down to update the site, having just arrived in Quito. I had a mad two weeks of rushing around getting everything ready for my trip and missed saying goodbye to loads of people. The weddings went really well. There was a slight misunderstanding in London involving a box of confetti, a couple of taxis and a few blisters – but all was alright in the end. Hey Z and B hope you had a good time, really glad you both made it.

The wedding in Bogota was magical. Silvia´s family were so welcoming Bogota felt like a home away from home. The wedding took place in a tiny chapel beautifully decorated with gorgeous flowers and rose petals scattered on the ground. The service – Catholic – was long…and a little odd under the circumstances – but hey! And as a godmother (along with T) I had to sign as a witness….Silva had failed to inform me about this and I did feel a bit conflicted – but as I´m a Godmother to Sarah I guess it´s a similar thing. Modernity meets tradition…and doesn´t quite fit together.

The reception afterwards was great fun… wonderful food and lot´s of salsa dancing…Alicia I should have asked for a lesson!