Category: Friends

The passing of time

Just saw Nanci Griffith at Shepherds Bush -I just kept looking around and smiling – I have been waiting to see her there for years and years.  Was a fantastic gig – apart from the ending, which was odd-too many songs that she didn’t write – Nanci we love your songs! I first saw her […]

Allotment, camera, shoulder

A friend had an allotment party a couple of weeks ago… great place to go around with a camera. Plus Sandy absolutely loved it… all the nooks and crannies. She even managed to find some dog food. Only by the end of the day I couldn’t move my arm. I seem to have tendinitis in […]


Lovely walk with D at the weekend along the river.  Sandy had fun in the water. Yesterday painted walls with Sarah – didn’t take my camera – silly me. [ how to make viagra | overseas viagra | super viagra | viagra mexico | canadian viagra best deals | viagra warnings | get viagra avoid […]

Ethical Issues

Just came back from the Photographer’s – she had forgotten I don’t (didn’t) eat meat – so last night for dinner I had two organic sausages… I’m not quite sure how I feel about this, I’m a little shocked.  I haven’t eaten meat for a very long time.  Normally, I would of course have just […]

Little eyes

Went for a lovely, if windy walk on Box Hill, at the weekend – I don’t think I’ve been there since I was a kid.  Sarah looked out at the view and said we could see the whole world. [ buy viagra uk | vgx-viagra | cialis okay for women | usa generic viagra | […]

In the weather

I rang up A yesterday who was brave and or mad enough to come with Sandy and I out for a walk in the rain and the wind, we all got soaked, but it was glorious… [ viagra collection service | when was viagra discovered | how does viagra work | ordering viagra overnight delivery […]

A helping hand

A lovely party at C’s on Saturday evening, although if I’d have been in New York, I could have been watching a film on a rooftop – thanks to the other C, not that I was going to be in NY – she was just saying. These flowers were lovely, but they were falling down […]

Where do you want to go?

Sometimes the will is there, but the body isn’t quite up to it. Still have the anemia – a little bored of feeling so tired. In the last couple of weeks though I’ve noticed that my brain is functioning better, slowly does it. Lovely day on Saturday seeing some friends, but over did it a […]

A break in the rain

Had a nice weekend. A walk around the block turned into a walk to the park and in the park, which was beautiful and not muddy at all, which considering all the rain was strange, but as I was wearing Crocs it was very good, it could have been so messy. Then I had a […]


Lovely Sunday afternoon yesterday with L from Berlin.  Took Sandy along and we did cupcakes and the park. [ herbal alternative to viagra | free sample pack of viagra | herbal viagra wf | pfizer mexico viagra | how much to buy viagra in pounds | buy discount viagra | cialis 30 mg | […]