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A History of the World: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone. One of my favorite objects, listen to a history about it.


Went to a talk yesterday where this video was mentioned.  I don’t know what’s more shocking the ignorance, the hate or the underlying fear.  And the guy at the end who invokes the Holocaust, almost boasting, that his grandmother was an Auschwitz survivor is the most disturbing.

The filmmaker responds to criticism.

Reich Lectures 07

I was listening to this weeks BBC Reich Lecture by Jeffrey Sachs and in a time where so many people seem to be doing their utmost to spread fear, it is inspiring and refreshing to have someone talk about the possibilities of peace and co-operation.  Sachs is quoting a speech by John F. Kennedy from 1963 which directly led to the first Test Ban Treaty and the very first steps to the end of the cold war.  If you have a bit of time (and even if you don’t) have a listen – it’s worth it.

16 miles of records

This is a moving piece about the opening of the Bad Arolsen Archive in Germany from CBS News. The archives are currently being digitalized and the project should be finished in a year.